Database – Taking Backup of MySQL and MongoDB on Cloud

Here is the story of my latest weekend experiments. Those who know me are familiar that I try to do something new every weekend and post my experience over here. Earlier this week, I published my course on MySQL Backup and Recovery. After doing this course, I realize that everything I had covered in the course was related to native MySQL backup, but there should be some solution outside which caters to the larger need of MySQL Backup. Additionally, I found that taking backup with MySQL is hit and miss as well as there is no systemic reporting there. I decided to do some research on my own on the internet. I tried out various tools, softwares and quite a few third party plug-ins.

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MongoDB and MySQL – Comparing Scalability, Data Distribution & Query Model – Part 1

Note: This blog post part 1 of the series and you can download 30-day trial of ScaleBase to practice the concepts. Introduction Whether it is for extremely large data volumes, high transaction throughput or a massive number of concurrent users, today’s internet and mobile applications require the ability to respond…
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