SQL SERVER – Error: Msg 701, Level 17, State 103. There is insufficient system memory in resource

Talking and exploring In-Memory topics in SQL Server 2014 has been interesting to me. When I wrote the blog around table variable not being just an In-Memory structure, one of my course listener (SQL Server 2014 Administration New Features) pinged me on twitter to ask, if In-Memory OLTP was really In-Memory? Wouldn’t SQL Server like to swap the data or memory data to pagination file when there is memory pressure? I told them the concept of In-Memory is that data always resides in memory and the reason for a feature name “In-Memory OLTP”. Let us see how we can fix errors related to insufficient system memory.

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SQL SERVER – Identify and Filter In-Memory Optimized Tables – SQL in Sixty Seconds #079

Earlier I had written a blog about SQL SERVER – Beginning In-Memory OLTP with Sample Example which covers the basics of working with In-Memory OLTP. Though that post gets you started, one of my colleague asked me if there was an easier way to identify In-Memory Tables when working with SQL Server Management Studio. As a follow up I wrote another blog post over here where I demonstrate the same with images and query over here: SQL SERVER – Filter In-Memory OLTP Tables in SSMS. In this blog post we will learn about – Identify and Filter In-Memory Optimized Tables.

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