SQL SERVER – Partition Parallelism Support in expressor 3.6

I am very excited to learn that there is a new version of expressor’s data integration platform coming out in March of this year. It includes Partition Parallelism Support. It will be version 3.6, and I look forward to using it and telling everyone about it. Let me describe a little bit more about what will be so great in expressor 3.6:

Greatly enhanced user interface
Parallel Processing
Bulk Artifact Upgrading

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SQL SERVER – expressor 3.2 Release Review

I have been following expressor software for some time now and they have recently released a new version of their expressor Studio desktop ETL application. I am pleased to find out that the download and installation experience of this application has been greatly simplified. expressor Studio no longer requires users to install a license key after they download and install the product. They have also eliminated a Microsoft Visio dependency from their product. Removing the license requirement and Visio dependency has made download and installation much easier.

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SQL SERVER – Sharing your ETL Resources Across Applications with Ease

Frequently an organization will find that the same resources are used in multiple ETL applications, for example, the same database, general purpose processing logic, or file system locations. Creating an easy way to reuse these resources across multiple applications would increase efficiency and reduce errors. Moreover, not every ETL developer has the same skill set, and it is likely that one developer will be more adept at writing code while another is more comfortable configuring database connections. Real productivity gains will come when these developers are able to work independently while still making their work available to others assigned to the same project. These are the benefits of a centralized version control system.

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