SQL SERVER – Database Backup and Restore Management and Automation with ApexSQL Backup

ApexSQL Backup is a powerful yet simple tool for Microsoft SQL Server which represents a fully equipped command center for database backup and restore jobs management. It enables users to create and schedule backup related jobs (backup, restore, log shipping, index defragmentation…) and monitor all scheduled backup activities or overview complete backup history on multiple servers across the domain.

ApexSQL Backup is designed to create and work with native Microsoft SQL Server backups and databases, and supports all backup options which can be used in the SQL Server Management Studio and encompasses them in a simple and user friendly UI which revolves around simple wizards for each particular job.

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SQL Server Auditing and Recovery With ApexSQL Log 2016

ApexSQL Log is a powerful SQL Server transaction reader for forensic auditing and rollback of malicious and/or unintended changes for Microsoft SQL Server. It is an ideal cost solution for recovery, row changes and/or before-after auditing. ApexSQL Log uses technology which enables it to read online transaction log files or transaction log backup files in order to create auditing results including before and after views of the data as well as the full row history of all changes.

From the recovery standpoint, ApexSQL Log provides sophisticated undo/redo capabilities which enable it to create TSQL scripts which can be used to completely reverse or replay all or only selected transactions read from the online transaction log file and added transaction log backups.

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