SQL SERVER - Retrieve Current DateTime in SQL Server CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, GETDATE(), {fn NOW()} frontimage1

Is your SQL Server running slow and you want to speed it up without sharing server credentials? In my Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check, we can work together remotely and resolve your biggest performance troublemakers in less than 4 hours.

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SQL SERVER - Retrieve Current DateTime in SQL Server CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, GETDATE(), {fn NOW()} frontimage2

Have you ever opened any PowerPoint deck when you face SQL Server Performance Tuning emergencies? SQL Server Performance Tuning Practical Workshop is my MOST popular training with no PowerPoint presentations and 100% practical demonstrations.

Essentially I share my business secrets to optimize SQL Server performance.

For SQL Server Emergency Help, you can reach out to me at pinal@sqlauthority.com with words URGENT in the email subject line for other services mention “Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check“.

SQL SERVER – Repeate String N Times Using String Function REPLICATE

I came across this SQL String Function few days ago while searching for Database Replication. This is T-SQL Function and it repeats the string/character expression N number of times specified in the function. SELECT REPLICATE( ' https://blog.sqlauthority.com/ ' , 9 ) This repeats the string https://blog.sqlauthority.com/ to 9 times in…
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SQLAuthority News – Book Review – Microsoft(R) SQL Server 2005 Unleashed (Paperback)

SQLAuthority.com Book Review : Microsoft(R) SQL Server 2005 Unleashed (Paperback) by Ray Rankins, Paul Bertucci, Chris Gallelli, Alex T. Silverstein Link to book on Amazon Short Review : SQL Server 2005 Unleashed is focused on Database Administration and day-to-day administrative management aspects of SQL Server. All the chapters of this…
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SQL SERVER – Comparison Index Fragmentation, Index De-Fragmentation, Index Rebuild – SQL SERVER 2000 and SQL SERVER 2005

Index Fragmentation: When a page of data fills to 100 percent and more data must be added to it, a page split occurs. To make room for the new data, SQL Server must move half of the data from the full page to a new page. The new page that…
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SQL SERVER – Explanation and Comparison of NULLIF and ISNULL

Explanation of NULLIF
NULLIF ( expression , expression )

Returns a null value if the two specified expressions are equal. NULLIF returns the first expression if the two expressions are not equal. If the expressions are equal, NULLIF returns a null value of the type of the first expression. NULLIF is equivalent to a searched CASE function in which the two expressions are equal and the resulting expression is NULL.

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