SQL Express Size Limit for Data File

A client of mine of Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. who is using SQL Server Express recently reached out to me to know SQL Express Size Limit for Data File?

SQL Express Size Limit for Data File ExpressSize-800x697

Well, it is known that SQL Server can have a database as big as 10 GB. If you want to have a database larger than 10 GB, you need to upgrade to a different version of SQL Server. However, many do not know that the limit of 10 GB, excludes the log file and file stream data.

This means you can have your MDF or data file as big as 10 GB when you are using SQL Express Edition. However, once you reach 10 GB, you will have to upgrade to the next edition of SQL Server.

I hope this quick blog post helps you to understand how the limit of the SQL Server Express size is calculated.

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Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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