SQL Authority 14 Years of Daily Blogging and Upcoming Changes

Yesterday’s blog was a special blog as it was my 14th anniversary of daily blogging at SQLAuthority.com. Additionally, yesterday’s blog was also a 5286 continuous blog (today’s blog is 5287th).  I am truly honored that many are reading my blog after 14 years.

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Beyond SQL

This blog actually started as the bookmark of personal learning and many started to read it. I had made up my mind that I should blog whenever I learn something new and I kept on blogging pretty much every day. The blog was primarily focused on SQL Server but it often explored technologies that are beyond SQL as well.  I have blogged about MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, ANSI SQL, Big Data, Personal Technology, Azure, and just the story of my life.

You all AWESOME Folks!

The last 14 years have been amazing. I made many new friends via the blog and met some of the most amazing people which I could have not otherwise met. I learned a lot from my readers and I have overall become a better blogger and an individual interacting and learning from everyone.

While blogging was always my passion during the last 14 years I have written 14 books and built 36 Pluralsight courses on various topics. Again, all this is not possible if you all were not around to support this blog.

I am very much thankful to my wife and daughter for their unconditional support so I could continue this long.

Upcoming Changes – Beyond 14 Years

When I started the blogs, it was a very new medium and I was an early adopter of the blog. This brought a lot of challenges and issues in the beginning till the blogging world was evolved. In recent times the attention span of the learners has reduced and lots of learning has been happening with the help of Videos. I have been doing videos with various online learning platforms as well as on SQLAuthority.com.

I have recently experimented with few videos on the YouTube channel and it has been received with lots of positive energy. To stay current and deliver more for my readers, I have decided to put more energy into building Video content. While producing the blog is a few hours of effort, building the video is many hours of effort.

Blogging Frequency

As the video content takes more time to build them, effective this week, there will be a change in the blogging schedule. Instead of blogging every single day of the week, from now onwards, I will be blogging 5 days a week. That means every Saturday and Sunday, I will be taking a break from the blog and will be spending time building a video which I will be sharing on this blog. This means you will now get a lesser number of blogs every week but the content will be more aligned with the need of the day.

My Dear Readers

My dear readers I would like to once again thank you for your kind support for the past 14 years and many more years to come. I am confident that you will support the blog with the same positivity as you have done in the past. Cheers to 5 days a week blogging!

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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