SharePlex – Efficient and High Performance Replication from Oracle to Kafka

Ask any DBA what is their dream infrastructure and I promise you that they will narrate immediately a story which will be centered around no downtime and amazing performance. However, when you ask them if they know what exactly will make them happy as well as run their business most efficient, why are they not going for it? The usual answer is budget. If we ask DBA to presume there is an infinite budget the next answer is Good Tool. In this blog post, we will discuss how we can replicate data from Oracle to Kafka and efficiently and quickly.

SharePlex - Efficient and High Performance Replication from Oracle to Kafka oracletokafka

What is Kafka?

Kafka is used in the real-time streaming data architectures to provide real-time analytics. It is a fast, scalable, robust, fault-tolerant messaging system. If you are familiar with RabbitMQ or AMQP, Kafka can be used as their replacement.

Kafka is known in the recent time for its reliability and higher throughput. In the real world, I have seen very high adoption of Kafka where there are stream processing, high-speed filtering, and pattern matching.

The primary reason for its popularity is easy to use along with it is free and open source.

From Oracle to Kafka – SharePlex

If you are familiar with the Oracle Eco-system, it is very clear that you need a connector when you have to use Oracle to Kafka. I have personally used quite a few connectors where I have to move my data. However, I realized that is not that easy to configure something which can move my data from one source to another source when it is about high transactions streaming data. After long research, I finally have figured out a good replication tool which not efficient but also provides a high performance – SharePlex.

SharePlex for Oracle is a very stable, robust, high-performance, high-availability technology that offers a low-cost alternative to other Oracle replication tools. In addition to the replication, it also provides data compare, repair, in-flight data integrity, in addition to monitoring and alerting.

Why SharePlex?

As I mentioned earlier, I have used many different products including GoldenGate to replicate data from Oracle. I particularly prefer SharePlex over GoldenGate because of many reasons. SharePlex supports Oracle Standard Edition (SE) as well as Enterprise Edition (EE).

Data Accuracy and Integrity – When replicating data across Oracle to Kafka it is very critical that data accuracy is maintained along with peer-to-peer monitoring and conflict detection & resolution.

Improved Performance – SharePlex offloads process-intensive reports outside the main production database server. This helps to improve the overall network performance without increasing resource consumption on the primary database.

Better Price Point – Cost is always a concern and when SharePlex is compared with another similar tool, it is quite inexpensive and also provides lots of value adds.

Next Action Point

If you need to replicate your data from Oracle to Kafka, I strongly suggest you try out SharePlex as it provides zero downtime and zero data loss. Try out SharePlex Now.

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