Practical Real World Performance Tuning – 50% Discount for 15 Days

In the real world when we face any performance problems, we do not have the luxury to open PowerPoint and study theory. What helps us during the time of crisis are handy scripts which help us fix our performance problems. In this quick paced, demonstration oriented learning workshop, we will see how we can immediately help our application with performance if we just know what exactly to do. Following the practices in this 4-hour workshop can help mitigate your current performance problems but also helps you to put your preventive action plans.

Link to sign up: Practical Real World Performance Tuning

Practical Real World Performance Tuning - 50% Discount for 15 Days practicalreview

50% Discount for 15 Days

As part of the Back Friday Sale, the course which is normally selling at 495 is selling at USD 247.50. The course has amazing 38 feedbacks and each is 5 stars. Here are few of the quotes from the rave review which we have received.

Pinal does an excellent job with the training. This is real IT problems what he explains, just according to the topic name. Very energetic and is never boring at any place. ~Haripriya Naidu

Leave it to you guys and Pinal Dave to actually make this topic entertaining and interesting!!! This is the best class I’ve had for ANY IT topic. The content is 100% real world as it says. ~Sarneson

As they say the proof is in the pudding. Using techniques and queries from this class I was able to increase performance 3 fold, decrease the database size 2 fold. ~Carl Bondeson

Please note that there will be no other opportunity to sign up for this course at such a discounted price. It is one-time deal to attend this course at such a brilliant price.

Agenda – Practical Real World Performance Tuning

Module 1: Indexing, Worst Practices, and Solutions (70 minutes)

Indexes are often considered a silver bullet to solve performance problems, but the reality is far from the age-old myth. The right index can help improve performance, but the wrong indexes often play party spoiler and reduce your server’s performance. Identifying which indexes to create and which indexes to delete can be cumbersome (or near impossible) if we do not know how to do workload analysis.

Module 2: WhichIndex – An Interactive Game with WHERE clause and Multi-Column Indexes (70 minutes)

WhichIndex is the interactive game that gives a new experience to teach you how to understand how multi-column indexes work with queries with multiple conditions.

Module 3: Don’t Change Code – An Interactive Game with Functions, Views, and Indexes (50 minutes)

Any good singer needs the support of the decent sound system and cooperative band to be successful. Similarly for any index to be successful, it requires a supportive environment. It is incredibly critical to learn how indexes selection takes shape when functions are used in the query.

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