SQL SERVER Management Studio – Taking DB Offline Made Easier

I have an appetite to observe and learn from what happens around me more. These are the best ways we realize how life has been gifted to us. Since I have been traveling lately like mad with families where there has been enough vacation filled with some work sporadically, I got to see how my family enjoys the moment they have in hand. I know it is difficult to get the fee time, but it is a great break from the norm. In my recent Europe trip with my family, I was to travel in a train for close to 3+ hours and I was wondering what I am going to do. Obviously, I had some books to kill my time, but I chose not to do that because my daughter was around. As we boarded the train and started our journey, the initial excitement moved to become “What next?”. As I started to think, I saw my daughter quickly jump into her grandfather’s seat and started to say something and they both got busy watching the sky. Getting curious, I was trying to figure out what both were up to. Interestingly, my daughter made-up a game to create shapes and characters from the moving clouds. And both got busy. Let us learn in this blog post how we can take a database offline.

This scene is still fresh and has etched into my memories to how the small things in life can still be made enjoyable. The boredom of sitting alone was absorbed by doing something that has been already around you. Well, the story must be experienced as the words don’t do justice to what happened.

This brings to one of the tips that I had presented at the Europe tour in one of the sessions. I was playing around with SQL Server Management Studio 2016 and when I was about to take the database to offline mode, I was presented with a neat checkbox to “Drop All Active Connections” as part of the dialog box. Also by side of it is the number of active connections currently that is stopping us from taking the database Offline.

SQL SERVER Management Studio - Taking DB Offline Made Easier ssms-2016-take-offline-enhancement-01

If there are no active connections to a database, then the message box would look like as shown below:

SQL SERVER Management Studio - Taking DB Offline Made Easier ssms-2016-take-offline-enhancement-02

As you can see, this is a neat addition to the dialog box and the small pleasures of life of something already existing and we never taking notice. I was pleasantly surprised to see this in the SSMS for the first time. Do let me know if you ever encountered such gems hidden inside our tooling that we use every other day.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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