SQL SERVER – Hidden SSMS Gem: Find Dialog’s Unknown Functionality

I have an eye for details and I try to keep looking for something new to some of the tasks I have been doing for years together. This exploration and quest to learn new techniques is what has made me survive longer in this industry I suppose. So let me talk about my learning from the recent SQL Server Bangalore UG Meet. I was sitting with my SQL friends and there were topics around what one must try some of the new tooling capabilities that SQL Server 2016 has brought to the table. I am always intrigued by some of these conversations as it gets me a different perspective. This is when I saw my good friend Vinod Kumar (MTC Architect) get on stage to show some cool tips for being productive. Let us learn about Hidden SSMS Gem.

It is refreshing to sit in such sessions because you get to learn something that you never knew existed on first place. This is exactly what happened to me. He showed a trick of now using the mouse to get the Options Dialog inside SQL Server Management Studio. I have always used the Find dialog box on top of toolbar a number of times, lesser did I know it can be used to find other things too if you are interested.

On the Find bar, type: > Tools.Options

It is important to have greater than symbol (>) at the start. This denotes you are going to do something special. As soon as you start typing, you will notice something that is shown in the picture below.

SQL SERVER - Hidden SSMS Gem: Find Dialog's Unknown Functionality Open-tools-dialog-from-find-01

On selection of the Tools.Options and clicking Enter. You will see the Options Dialog box coming up for your reference. This was interesting for me to see how this Find box was able to find even options hidden inside our toolbars.

SQL SERVER - Hidden SSMS Gem: Find Dialog's Unknown Functionality Open-tools-dialog-from-find-02

Did you know such capabilities existed? I would surely use this trick in some session in future. So remember the answer and you may get lucky to win prizes during the session too. If you know any other trick, let me know. Would love to learn from you too.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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    September 28, 2016 2:42 pm

    Hey..great resource. Please fix sign used at the beginning, you have

  • Nice post , very interesting and helpful! Just to make things clearer for readers, there’s a typo above: “It is important to have greater than symbol (“. Many thanks for the post !!

  • For the former SQL version like SQL 2008 and 2008 R2, we can install SQLComplete.exe which will allow us to add many features to SQL Server….. Like adding shortcut keys, restoring last seesion etc.


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