SQL SERVER – SSMS Error During Restore: No Backupset Selected to be Restored

There are various ways of learning in my current role. Along with client engagements, reading others blog, I also learn from comment/interaction of my own blog. One of my blog readers sent below email about Backupset.

Hi Pinal,
I am a Java developer and have a very less knowledge of SQL Server. To reproduce the scenario. I’m trying to restore my customer’s SQL Server 2008 database (foo.bak) on to our SQL Server 2012. I right clicked on the database in the Management studio 2012, restore database using source – device option, select foo.bak file for the restore. But it is not recognizing the backup file, I keep getting ‘No backupset selected to be restored‘. It doesn’t show up under the restore plan either. I am not sure what I’m missing.

Please help me!

I asked him more details and screenshot and below was given to me.

Here is the SSMS image after backup is selected.

SQL SERVER - SSMS Error During Restore: No Backupset Selected to be Restored backupset-01-800x358

If we click on the message, we see below the text of a pop-up message.

No backupset selected to be restored.

I did some research and shared possible caused by him.


1) Backup is corrupted or unreadable: To confirm this, we can run below command

RESTORE HEADERONLY FROM DISK='complete path to backup file>

If backup is corrupted, we would not be able to see the complete details in the output.

2) Restore to lower version: If a backup is taken on a higher version and restore is attempted to lower version then also we will get the same error.

He replied and told me that backup is not readable and its corrupted. They took a fresh backup from the source database and then they were able to restore.

Have you ever encountered a similar error? Please leave a comment.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • I got the same error , the reason was that user was not sysadmin , so he has not Dbcreator permission

  • I am facing One issue while restoring differential backup from 2016 Enterprise to 2019 Enterprise.
    Full backup restored with norecovery from 2016 to 2019 successfully but not able to restore differential backup on it.

    I have checked these backup status from restore verify command also and it is not giving any kind of error.
    After that not able to restore.

    USE [master]

    Error: “no full database backup is selected to be restored”


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