SQL SERVER – Network Servers List is Empty in SQL Server Management Studio

I have in numerous places told that the first tool that I often open when the computer boots up will be SQL Server Management Studio. I get intrigued whenever someone comes up with an error relating to SSMS. There is something that gets my troubleshooting character out and I get out full swing to solve the same. Don’t you ever like such challenges? I am for sure you like similar challenges. One of my clients reported below problem with Network Servers List in SQL Server Management Studio.

Hi Pinal,

I have a strange problem with my management studio. When I open Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Management Studio, chose “Connect to Server” dialog, go to Server name dropdown, select <Browse for more…>, Network Servers tab, there are no entries.

SQL SERVER - Network Servers List is Empty in SQL Server Management Studio empty-01-800x412

My first question was, is this happening with other clients also? This was to confirm if there are some real network issues or server issues or it is just the client.

The client confirmed that this is ONLY with few clients. After a lot of searching, I was able to find this KB (Add Connection dialog box doesn’t load server names in the drop-down list after you apply the .NET Framework 4.6 that talks about this issue.

They have upgraded their .NET to 4.6.1 and the issue was resolved. These are simple issues that one can easily get into. Have you ever encountered these errors in your environments? Let me know via comments.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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