SQL Authority News – I am Participating in Winter Discounts and Christmas Photo Fest

I often get asked which is my favorite tool from DevArt. They have many great tools, but I am really fan of the development productive tool – dbForget Studio for SQL Server. Devart’s dbForge Studio for SQL Server is a fantastic tool for SQL Server development, as soon as I installed it I found so many things to learn. First off, it will increase SQL coding almost instantly. There is very little to learn, you are not just memorizing codes to “cheat” off of. Let us learn about winter discounts.

SQL Authority News - I am Participating in Winter Discounts and Christmas Photo Fest winter

DbForge Studio provides code completion options and automatic SQL formatting, so that you know your code will work. One of my favorite feature is “snippets,” which stores parts of code that you use over and over to cut down on typing and searching – because you know they’re always a few commands you use again and again! Here is another blog post I wrote about Query Plan Analysis of Pivot and Unpivot with Profiler of dbForge Studio for SQL Server.

Every year in December the team at DevArt announces discounts and some fun contest. This year they have also announced similar fun contests as well as a Christmas photo fest.  The Christmas season is a great time to get 20% off on all Devart licenses until January 15th, 2015. If you want to get more discounts, take part in the Devart Christmas Photo Fest!

Share your Christmas desktop, workspace, office, laptop, tablet, etc. You can make a selfie, take a photo of your pets or any other kind of photo you wish. Share your Christmas mood and you will get a chance to win! The key condition is that any installed Devart product must get into the shot. Be creative and funny.

Please go to this blog post where it has given conditions and an example shot. I am going to take part in the contest and I encourage you to take part as well.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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