SQL Authority News – 8th Year Anniversary – Thank You!

SQL Authority News - 8th Year Anniversary - Thank You! 8thann Today is very special day in my life. Exactly 8 years ago today, I had started writing this blog.

When I started writing a blog post, I really had no idea what exactly I am starting and where exactly I was going to end. Today, after 8 years, I am still here and talking about SQL Server. Well, today I asked my two of my friends that what should I write on this milestone blog post where I complete my 8 years of blogging. They suggested I have learned in last 8 years and what I want to learn in next 1 year. Very good suggestion. Feel free to guess my friends in the comments area, let us see if you can name them correctly.

Things I have learned in last 8 years

Let me summarize my learning in 5 words – Be Humble and Keep Changing

I truly learned how to be humble in last 8 years. SQL Authority is not my own blog, but it is our blog. You all who are reading this blog right now, it is YOUR blog. There were moments when I was carried away in different directions or there were moments when I was at the same points for quite a while. Every single time I got inspirations from all of you to either get back on the track or move on from one subject. I can’t truly thank you enough. It is your encouragement who got me started writing on Big Data and MySQL. There were times when I had made mistakes and I have received emails correcting me – thank you to everyone who has helped making this blog a better place. I have learned a lot and I will keep on learning in the future.

Things I am planning to learn in next 1 year

This is difficult to answer at this point of time. However, I will say I want to learn more about Hybrid solutions. Everytime I go out in the real world, I often see Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and many other solutions used all together in a single application. Those applications are really so big that it justifies the needs of various database platforms as they each offer something new. I believe this is where I want to grow more. I want to know where and when each of the data platform is helpful. I will need your help and I will blog my experience on this blog.

Once again – thank you so much. Here are FREE downloads which I have prepared earlier in my career. Please feel free to download them and use them to your advantage.

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Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Jalpesh Vadgama
    November 4, 2014 6:20 pm

    Congratulations for this achievement. You are inspiration for other bloggers


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