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A few days ago, I have asked a question on this blog. The question was – What would you like to see in the next episodes of SQL in Sixty Seconds. The poll is still active and posted over here: SQL SERVER – Poll – What would you love to see in SQL in Sixty Seconds? The contest was to suggest the next item of SQL in Sixty Seconds and vote for the your choice of subject. There have been plenty of votes to this contest, however, there were only 4 comments to this blog post. Hence, selecting a winner was very simple.

Result of Poll

SQL SERVER - Contest Winner - What Next on SQL in Sixty Seconds - Poll Result pollresult-60

It is very clear from result, most of the people would like to watch Performance Tuning subjects. I will continue to build video on this subject in future.

Contest Winner

Now is the time for the winner of the contest, who left comments on the blog. The winner is Raelyard. Here is the comment which he has left on the blog.

SQL SERVER - Contest Winner - What Next on SQL in Sixty Seconds - Poll Result raelyard

raelyard please reach out to me via email and I will send you the gift card.

Current Contest

Here is the contest which is currently running on this blog. You can take part in the contest and can win a Drone.

SQL in Sixty Seconds

Here are few of the episodes of SQL in Sixty Seconds, which you can watch. We will have more episodes of SQL in Sixty Seconds from next week which are focused on performance.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Hi Pinal ,
    Can you explain CONSTAINSTABLE and FREETEXT table usage with examples with outputs??

  • Thanks Pinal. Email coming. Looking forward to seeing your video content. (note that I posted for a few times with raelyard showing up as my name before realizing that’s how it was showing and deciding I wanted that to reflect my real name and changed it)

  • Hi Pinal,
    It would be better if the team should give better clarity on clusters Primary and Secondary.If we run maintenance jobs on the primary working fine.but in the secondary it is failing and showing read only.we may not know when the failover happens between the primary and secondary.I would like to see any changes regarding this in next SQL…!!!


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