SQL SERVER – How to Install SQL Server 2014 – A 99 Seconds Video

SQL SERVER - How to Install SQL Server 2014 - A 99 Seconds Video installation-800x800 Last month I presented at 3 community and 5 corporate events. Every single time I have been asked by others what is my experience with SQL Server 2014. Every single time I have told the audience that they should try this out themselves, however, the response has been very lukewarm. Everybody wants to know how it works, but no one wants to try out themselves.

Upon asking why users are not installing SQL Server 2014, pretty much the same answer I received from everyone – “The Fear of Uknown”. Everybody who have not installed SQL Server 2014 are not sure how the installation process works and what if they face any issue while installing SQL Server 2014. If you have installed an earlier version of SQL Server, installing SQL Server 2014 is very easy process.

I have created a quick video of 99 seconds where I explain how we can easily install SQL Server 2014. This is a straight forward default installation of SQL Server.

Let me know what you think about this video. Though it is a straightforward video, there are chances that I might have not included the details or scenario which you may face on your system or computer. If you leave a comment with your note, I will try to answer them individually. However, I am very confident that there are not going to much comment as this video is going to address most of the scenarios and the installation of SQL Server is going to be straight forward.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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