SQL SERVER – SafePeak SQL Server Acceleration Software Gets an Upgrade

SafePeak, the SQL Server application acceleration software, gets a new version upgrade and launches on Amazon Cloud Marketplace.

SafePeak’s idea in a nutshell is simple.

SafePeak is a query-level automated caching middleware for SQL Server-based operational applications. SafePeak accelerates apps by caching SQL queries while keeping a 100% ACID compliance and data integrity. SafePeak answers queries in microseconds (<0.001sec), consistently and reliably. The solution requires no code-changes to your apps, is based on smart auto-learning, is auto-adaptive and contains safety mechanisms. The company reports that its newest version (2.1.123) is more automated, performs a deeper analysis and is easier to use – resulting in even better performance improvements.

Caching for SQL? Who does that?

Today’s database servers are very busy keeping up with demands from applications and web servers. Data volumes continue to grow and workloads are increasingly complex. All this adds up to more strain on a database. When application performance suffers, IT managers, Dev managers and Architects hear about it and need to find solutions.

A widely used approach to enhance database performance is called caching. Caching is usually applied in one of three ways. Software-level caching can be applied at either the application-level (like Memcached) or at the data-management level (as with in-memory databases or data grids). The third approach is hardware-level caching and involves bigger servers (adding CPU, RAM) and faster IOPS storage (using I/O caching like Fusion-IO, or not-so-cheap Flash storage).

Many applications’ managers don’t have resources for a lengthy do-it-yourself caching project. DIY caching can be technically challenging, and it can require significant changes to applications, which are simply impossible to make for commercial 3rd-party apps.

Pressed for time, many people may be forced into “throwing more hardware” at the problem. It’s a classic approach, although expensive and sometimes one that comes with a different set of complications (downtimes, upgrades, etc.).

SafePeak – Easier, Better, Faster

SafePeak offers an easier and better way to accelerate SQL Server performance. SafePeak’s software solution gives all of the benefits of caching, but without any app re-programming. It works for your custom apps and 3rd-party apps. And its app acceleration encompasses all of an app’s queries and procedures traffic at the same time.

SafePeak is a modern SQL Server caching alternative: a smart, automated and comprehensive data caching layer – kind of a combination of Memcached caching and an In-Memory database, but enhanced with machine learning intelligence.

Comparing alternatives, SafePeak’s best advantage is probably its time-to-deployment. It’s fast to get up and running. Deployed mostly on virtual machines, it takes only a few hours of initial configurations and almost no downtime (connection-string IP change). And that’s it. Custom-built and 3rd party apps using SQL Server, like SharePoint or CRM Dynamics, all experience dramatic performance improvements.

If your SQL Server-based apps are starting to slow down, SafePeak may be a simple solution. SafePeak offers a trial (www.safepeak.com/download) with technical training & assistance support (recommended, and they’re super nice guys, too!).

Life is good!

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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