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I think I have finally gotten back my faith in social media. If you are following my blog I am sure you are aware of my views on social media – SQLAuthority News – Social Media Confusion – Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and Me.

I was not happy about how social media was evolving. Whenever I go to Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, I noticed the same updates everywhere. I just thought I was wasting my time doing the same thing everywhere.

I strongly believe that there is no dictator on internet. Nobody has authority over others, everybody can express their ideas as long as it is not violating others privacy and it is not morally wrong. I have decided that instead of trying to improve the world, I should change myself and adjust my needs. Here are few things I have done to relieve my social media confusion.


  • I un-followed people who were taking up my time with too many updates.
  • I un-followed people who hardly updated at all.
  • I did not follow anybody else’s list, as I have no control over who other people follow.
  • I follow not only serious SQL people but some fun stuff as well.
  • I removed all my friends who were on Facebook and repeating the same updates on Twitter. I engage with them on Facebook.
  • I followed people who are very conversational on Twitter.
  • I let anybody follow me.
  • I update all my blog posts through at least five tweets online.
  • I decided to re-tweet at least five of my favorite tweets of the day, this way I force myself to remain active in the community.
  • Follow me on Twitter!


  • I updated my career and professional info on LinkedIn.
  • I keep my LinkedIn profile updated with my latest jobs and career news.
  • I let anybody connect with me on LinkedIn.
  • I specify my email address in my profile, keeping it easy for those who want to add me.
  • I read all the profile related updates of my connections – it is very valuable to know who is where and what changes are happening.
  • I do not add my personal tweets or comments in LinkedIn profile. I just keep it professional.
  • Link with me at LinkedIn


  • I use Facebook only for personal friends.
  • I visit all of my friends at regular intervals and make sure that they are really my friends.
  • I often remove my friends from my Twitter list who are sending duplicate updates.
  • I upload my family photos as well as family updates on Facebook, making sure that only my approved friends are able to read my updates.
  • I keep my Facebook very personal and I often chat with my friends on Facebook chat.

I am no longer confused about social media and I think I am using it appropriately. As I said, one cannot decide for others how to use social media, you can only decide for yourself. I have finally found my peace with social media.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • That’s good advice re: linkedin–though I want to improve how I use it as an outbound knowledge and engagement source for my company. Have you checked out quora.com at all? It’s a great q&a site for experts in all fields, including SQL.

  • Good tips on how to keep the balance in social network. I use very similar guidelines for Linkedin and facebook. Use Linkedin for articles/discusions published in areas of interest.

  • Gregory Nicholas
    March 13, 2011 2:54 am

    I like how you have structured some boundaries to your twitter etiquette. However, A. the purpose of twitter is a stream of conversational dialogue & information share.. why would you in a way ‘punish’ users by un-following for too many updates? Isn’t this the exact forum where there is really no way one can over-indulge?

    I rather detest pretentious sounding rules like that when I hear them from people. But then again, i’m probably still drunk from last night.


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