SQLAuthority News – 1600 Blog Post Articles – A Milestone

SQLAuthority News - 1600 Blog Post Articles - A Milestone 1600

It was really a very interesting moment for me when I was writing my 1600th milestone blog post. Now it`s a lot more exciting because this time it`s my 1600th blog post. Every time I write a milestone blog post such as this, I have the same excitement as when I was writing my very first blog post. Today I want to write about a few statistics of the blog.


I am frequently asked about my blog stats, so I have already published my blog stats which are measured by WordPress.com. Currently, I have more than 22 Million+ Views on this blog from various sources. There are more than 6200+ feed subscribers in Google Reader only; I think I don`t have to count all other subscribers. My LinkedIn has 1250+ connection, while my Twitter has 2150+. Because I feel that I`m well connected with the Community, I am very thankful to you, my readers.

Today I also want to say Thank You to those experts who have helped me to improve. I have maintained a list of all the articles I have written. If you go to my first articles, you will notice that they were a little different from the articles I am writing today. The reason for this is simple: I have two kinds of people helping me write all the better: readers and experts.

To my Readers

You read the articles and gave me feedback about what was right or wrong, what you liked or disliked. Quite often, you were helpful in writing guest posts, and I also recognize how you were a bit brutal in criticizing some articles, making me re-write them. Because of you, I was able to write better blog posts.

To Experts

You read the articles and helped me improve. I get inspiration from you and learned a lot from you. Just like everybody, I am a guy who is trying to learn. There are times when I had vague understanding of some subjects, and you did not hesitate to help me.

Number of Posts

Many ask me if the number of posts is important to me. My answer is YES. Actually, it`s just not about the number of my posts; it is about my blog, my routine, my learning experience and my journey.

During the last four years, I have decided that I would be learning one thing a day. This blog has helped me accomplish this goal because in here I have been able to keep my notes and bookmarks. Whatever I learn or experience, I blog and share it with the Community. For me, the blog post number is more than just a number: it`s a summary of my experiences and memories.

Once again, thanks for reading and supporting my blog!

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Congrats Boss !!!

    In your journey, lots of people travel and get benefits :)

    keep it up..


  • Thanks a lot for the good work!
    Greetings from Matteo, Italy

    Uhm… Wouldn’t it be interesting if you can track the geolocation of your readers? I have no idea about how that can be done, so I’m providing just the idea… :-)

  • Congratulations Pinal. Keep it up

  • 1600 posts worth being happy. Congratulations.
    It just happens that this is the first post since I followed this blog up via RSS.

    But I just came to thank you and start following.

  • aasim abdullah
    January 21, 2011 5:23 pm

    That’s what is called an ACHIEVEMENT.
    Congratulations Guru

  • Congrats Pinal, really amazed at your energy and enthusiasm level to keep the blog flying high.
    Thank you

  • Thanks for all the wonderful posts. I have turned you your blog many times for help in my own journey to learn SQL Server. I’ve found many great answers here that have helped me overcome some difficult challanges.

  • Imran Mohammed
    January 22, 2011 3:51 am

    Congracts Pinal.

    I remember the day when I first saw this blog while searching in google engine some time in mid of 2008, from that day I follow your blog, its like a routine work that I have to do every day, failing to do so makes me feel I am missing something interesting.

    Great Stuff, Really helpful. You make it easy, no matter how tough the topic appears to be.

    Great Effort Pinal.

    I still have the same question, that I had 2 years back, I still can;t understand how can you manage your time to write articles on your blog (EVERYDAY).

    Thanks again.

  • Congratulations Pinal..

    You have given us lots of knowledge in SQL Sever.. Thanking you for all those 1600 Posts.. All these are not only posts but a thing which learned us… which solved our problems.. which encouraged us to do more n more.. and gave a dream to Be Pinal Dave of in SQL Server…

    From 2 years I am following your blog for all sql questions..

    Its really a success Journey….

    Keep going….

    Since when I started reading posts, I have the same question as Imran Mohammed has .. How can you manage time to write a post everyday.. always its new research….

    Thanx a lott !!

  • I am reading your blog from past 3 years, but was lazy enough to post comment, today i feel to at least congratulate you on your achievement.

    Your blogs always inspire me to learn more about sql server.

    The idea of one topic a day is really very good, and it requires great dedication which certainly you have, i tried quit number of times but was not consistant enough, anyways will keep trying :D

    Thanks for all your posts pinal.. and i wish good luck for future…

  • best LG appliances
    February 13, 2012 6:12 pm

    firstly congratulation for making a milestone of 1600 blog posts.
    your all post on sql were really nice really great stuff in your posts were so helpful for many viewers. once again m congratulating you for your great job keep rocking.


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