SQL SERVER – Quick Look at SQL Server Configuration for Performance Indications

Earlier I wrote SQL SERVER – Beginning SQL Server: One Step at a Time – SQL Server Magazine. That was the first article on the series of my real world experience of Performance Tuning experience. I have written second part the same series over here.

Read second part over here: Quick Look at SQL Server Configuration for Performance Indications.[Articles are relocated so links are disabled]

In this second part I talk about two types of my clients.

1) Those who want instant results

2) Those who want the right results

It is really fun to work with both the clients. I talk about various configuration options which I look at when I try to give very early opinion about SQL Server Performance.

There are various eight configurations, I give quick look and start talking about performance.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • hi pinal, thaks for sharing your blog post over here, I have read the first blog post of yours on sql mag and also the current one, both give good info to start of with, can you also share any of your saved scripts for debugging and resolving issues quickly in your articles?



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