SQLAuthority News – FREE Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN

I just received following “NOT FOR SALE” subscription of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN. As a MVP, MCT I already have free subscription to MSDN and TechNet. I plan to give away this free subscription to someone who is need of the same or can use it the best.

You can win the subscription. I will pick the winner of the subscription on 25th of the July. Which means you have 10 days to take part. I will decide the winner with the help of fellow MVPs and subject matter experts.

You need to answer one simple question: Why SQL Server is better than any other RDBMS applications?

SQLAuthority News - FREE Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN msdnfree

Leave your answer as a comment to this thread, or post it on your blog with links to this blog post. To avoid spams and bad entries, I will moderate all the comments. If you have left comment and it is not visible send me the same comment in email pinal “at” sqlauthority.com . All the entries should be there before 25th July. I will announce winner before 1st of August.

Update: Due to overwhelming response of the contest, the evaluation of the winner is still going on. I will announce very soon who won the subscription.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • SQL Server supports all RDBMS Features (Codd Rules)
    1) ANSI SQL, SubQueries, Joins, Cursors, Prepared Statements
    2) ACID Transactions with Commit, Rollback
    3) Updateable Views
    4) Distributed Transactions
    5) Snapshot/Consistent Repeatable Reads
    6) Server-enforced Referential Integrity
    7) Security (GRANT/REVOKE, SSL, fine grained object privileges)
    8) Updateable Views
    9) Information Schema/Data Dictionary

  • Muhammad Abbas
    July 22, 2010 5:49 pm

    On the *same* hardware running NT – SQL Server has the best tpcc numbers. (www.tpc.org). Oracle has higher tpcc numbers but only on non-NT platforms – and the cost per tpcc is higher.

    Mobile/client version of product is exactly the same as the server one (with Oracle it isn’t)

    SQL is generally accepted as easier to install, use and manage

    SQL Server is cheaper to buy than Oracle (though this is such a small part of lifetime support costs it really shouldn’t be a consideration)

    Extra facilities “in the box” – e.g. OLAP, English Query, DTS

  • Dharamvir Singh
    July 22, 2010 6:51 pm

    following are the reason why SQL Server 2008 is better RDBMS

    1. Eeasy to Install
    2. Can be programaticaly managed by SMO.
    3. We can use functions developed in C# with the help of CLR. It provides a top-up functionality by using features of C#.
    4. SSIS:- Help us in talking with any type of data & to put in the required place.
    5. SSIS:- It also help us in transforming data before putting in the destination.
    6. SSRS:- No need to have any other reporting tool. SSRS can do what you can think in terms of report.
    7. SSRS:- Develop & render report in any format, according to your choice.
    8. Provides various features in T-SQL like ‘if exist’ which is unavailable with other RDBMS.
    9. SQL Server installs and runs smoothly with the Visual Studio development suite which is unavailable with Oracle. YOu need to do some settings.
    10. Comes with the bundel SSRS, SSIS & SSAS with SQL Server.
    11. YOu can work with XML datatype.
    12. Features like clustering and replication allow SQL Server to scale better than many entrenched platforms.
    13. SQL Server can be used in narrow-focus platforms, such as mobile devices, or in very broad, multi-tiered enterprise applications.
    14. Security features include role-based security for server, database and application profiles, integrated tools for security auditing, tracking 18 different security events
    and additional sub-events, support for sophisticated file and network encryption, like SSL, Kerberos and delegation.

    On the top it is from Microsoft & also its price is less in comparison to Oracle.

  • SQL Server is better because it has better community members like Pinal :).

  • Todd Schwingle
    July 22, 2010 8:48 pm

    SQL Server provides a growth path for any application. As an application requirement expand, the SQL Server platform provide a path for supporting the growth. From Sql Compact Edtion thru the Data Center Version, the software is similar enough to support any type of application.

  • i think it is better because i can understand it

  • supergskumar
    July 23, 2010 2:10 pm

    Microsoft SQL server is a relational database management system.

    * SQL Server is a RDBMS, a complete database.
    * It uses MS- SQL as the query language.
    * SQL Server offers a high level of security, reliability and scalability depending on the business needs.
    * The server offers a wide data storage, full text query search, buffer management, logging and transaction, fast data retrieval etc.
    * It offers a variety of replication services to avoid loosing data.
    * It offers SQL Server Reporting Services for data gathered from the database.

    * SQL Server is compatible with structured query language and has rich support for XML.
    * SQL Server includes number of features that support ease of installation, deployment, scalability, data warehousing and system integration with other server software.

    * Database engine-It provides support for data access interfaces like ADO, OLEDB and ODBC. Replication-It enables to maintain multiple copies of data on different computers and also keep data well synchronized.
    * DTS-It is for importing and transferring data from multiple heterogeneous sources. It is used to build data ware housing and data marts by the process of extracting data from multiple OLTP systems.
    * Analysis services-It organizes data from data warehouse cubes to provide rapid answers to complex queries. Analysis the data stored in data warehouse and data marts.
    * Meta data services-It is a set of services that helps to manage metadata.
    * Metadata describes meaning and description of applications and processes.

    * SQL Server has Logical Architecture and Physical Architecture.
    * The data is organized into logical design that is visible to user.
    * Logical components include objects, users, roles, collations, logins and groups.
    * The database itself maintains data as files on disk.
    * Logical components Objects include table, data type, view, stored procedure, function, index, constraint, rule, default and trigger.
    * Collations Control how character strings are stored physically and the rules by which character are stored and compared.
    * Logins-Each database user should have login id to allow database to identify.
    * Users are who can connect to database.
    * Role is a single unit of users having same permission.
    * Physical Architecture-Page and extents describes physical database organisation.
    * Page is the fundamental unit of data storage. Page is divided into data rows which contain all data.
    * Extents is the place where tables and indexes are stored.

    * Allow us to create and manage all objects.
    * Client application communicates with SQL server by transact-SQL statement.
    * SQL Server supports 3 types of transact-SQL statement namely DDL, DLL and DML

  • because of its simplicity & robustness.
    It can work in efficient manner for small scale application and as well as larger auditence & business application/domain.

    upgradations are narrowly related with previous versions. So develloper can easily upgrade themself.

    It is MS product it can work along with Security module of windows to manage the data security.

  • SQL Server implements several features required of a robust RDBMS solution. SQL Server has many advantages to offer in regards to implementing a relational database.

    SQL Server provides an end to end RDBMS solution that allows frictionless installation, configuration, role management, and data backup and recovery. The user friendly interface allows both developers and admins to unlock the rich feature set that a true RDBMS solution can provide in the least amount of time.

    Advanced features and optimization techniques can be attained with the use of table variables, XML support, clusters, and indexes. SQL Server has the capability to have redundancy by the use of nodes/clustering or mirroring. SQL Server’s ability to import/export data (SSIS), generate reports (SSRS), and analyze the data growth (SSAS) are an added boon.

    These are features that are essential to real world situations where teams are working together to collaborate on basic data driven websites all the way up to enterprise level projects. One significant benefit of using SQL Server is its close integration with Visual Studio CLR which allows application developers to interface seamlessly with the business logic layer. Overall SQL Server meets the needs of application development and tightly integrates with .NET Framework.

  • Nisarg Kothari
    July 23, 2010 4:22 pm

    Mobile/client version of product is exactly the same as the server one

    SQL is generally accepted as easier to install, use and manage

    SQL Server is cheaper

    Includes OLAP, English Query, DTS

  • It is my bread-and-butter and its the same for many thousand others. I love working on this, and thats why it simply IS THE BEST!!!

  • Fernando Ferreira
    July 25, 2010 3:14 am

    First, SQL Server is highly recommended
    for situations where the volume of data grows rapidly,
    spending precious resources, without a management
    standardized data.

    * The high performance of the new version allows companies
    stagger safely and available from a project
    Small to high volumes of data and transactions.

    * Merge and standardization of heterogeneous data with
    Integration Services. Through the Integration Services is
    possible to obtain, standardize and “clean” data originated
    from different sources such as ISPs. NET, ODBC, OLE DB and flat files with Excel and XML.

    * Through the resources of StreamInsight, we
    provision made quick decisions based on
    information from multiple data sources, all in
    memory, if necessary, can be persisted in the database.

    * Availability of data in the cloud with SQL Azure
    Database without worrying about backup and administration

    * Ability to dynamically add CPUs and memory
    a running system;

    * Work with up to 64 GB of memory systems 32
    bits through the AWE (Address Windowing Extensions), even
    these being limited to 4 GB.
    BI high-performance and easy access to users
    common across the Power Pivot (Excel 2010 and SharePoint

    * Geographical representation and geometric with Spatial Dates,
    for displaying maps, routes and custom shapes.

  • In last 8 years, Only SQL Server had solved major problems of mines except “Memory Tables”. (If its exist then I am not knowing. :)

  • SQL Server is better than all other RDBMS applications as it offers an unmatched set of tools which can be used to easily manage, transform, and present data throughout all levels of an organization.

  • SQL Server is better than any RDBMS because ……

    * Robust architecture

    * Manageability
    Management Studio
    Database Tuning Advisor

    * CLR Integration
    Integration with CLR
    Stored procedures in any .NET language
    Triggers in any .NET language
    User-defined functions
    .NET objects stored inside the database

    * Visual Studio Integration
    Can view database objects through Visual Studio
    Ability to debug stored procedures through Visual Studio
    Support for Visual Studio Project
    Auto-deployment of database objects through Visual Studio
    Context-sensitive online help for editing stored procedures
    BI technologies integrated with Visual Studio

    * SOA Application Development
    XML Support
    Native XML type in the database
    XQuery support
    XML update functions
    XML indexes for improved performance

    * Web Services
    Database as a Web service producer
    Database as a Web service consumer
    Integration with Visual Studio
    Primary programming (Any CLR language) language

    * Query Notification
    Query Notification through ADO.NET

    * Asynchronous Message Queuing
    Guaranteed, exactly once delivery
    Queues stored in database
    Transactional integration with database
    Abstraction level(Queues, messages)

    * Integration of BI technologies
    SQL Server Analysis
    SQL Server Integration Services
    SQL Server Reporting Services

  • Paresh Prajapati
    July 26, 2010 3:50 pm

    Hi Pinal,

    SQL server have all the functionalities and additional features as well which all have mentioned in all the replied posts like user friendly , ado.net , sql clr,etc..
    But the most important thing is that we can easily troubleshoot sql server with using sql server DMV’s and as well easy to tuning the sql server databases.
    like if anyone can stuck with it they can do easily with help with sql server.

  • It just helps me to solve day-to-day problems. Simply. Smoothly.
    This is why I love it.
    I really doubt people are loving it for its triggers or indexes ))) People love its real-life magic.

  • PROS:

    1- In RDBM world, SQL has huge Market Share compare to any other RDBM which gives you good opportunity to be part of big MS Community which work together as great solution providers

    2- SQL works in any Small Business or Large Enterprise with its different Versions available to cut the price.SQL improvement came steady which ensure that it has standards meet of your today’s and tomorrow needs.

    3- Job security as I’ve more Job opportunities, since it has large market of customers to support.

    4- Application, User friendly, efficient, cost effective, much more supportive (from Microsoft and community). Leverage to improve your skills gradually with each upgrade version.

    5- Much more as it gives me passion everyday to learn and grow in Knowledge without being some SMART kid but passionate. Thanks Microsoft & competitors !!

  • I love sql server as it paid me for my work. simple difference is like windows Vs Linus.

    I use Microsoft because it paying me for my work and i love linux because it is free and expandable

  • Hozefa Unwala
    July 28, 2010 9:42 pm

    Sql Server provides best GUI than other RDBMS.There are number of different versions available to use.So If some donot required a higher version than we can use a express or advance edition of sql server.


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