SQLAuthority News – Meeting SQL Expert Imran at Hyderabad

I was very fortunate to meet the SQL Server Expert and one of the top participants of this blog Imran Mohammed. Imran has been very active on this blog and have previously contributed with few articles as well. I have been communicating with Imran for a long time; he is always very active and quick to reply. Many times, he has solved various difficult problems of readers which. He always goes an extra mile to resolve such problems – once I happened to see him spend more than 10 hours to solve a problem posed by a reader.

When I met Imran, I was totally surprised!! Seriously, I was expecting a very old person with a huge experience in SQL. He is one of the very young SQL enthusiasts with extremely smart brains. We had wonderful dinner together, wherein we discussed SQL. While talking to Imran, I realized that he is a very matured person with a great attitude towards life, particularly towards technology. He is a patient listener who imbibes information with a very open mind. Our discussion covered different technologies. Please note that even though he is very young due his in-depth knowledge on SQL was at par with that of someone who was in this industry for  very long time. I asked him to share some tips from his real-life experience.

SQLAuthority News - Meeting SQL Expert Imran at Hyderabad Imran
Pinal and Imran

Here are few tips I have gathered from him while we discussed SQL. Some are generic to life, and few are very specific to SQL as well.

  • I do not take a chance, I always take backup.
  • If I am answering a question to anybody, my first goal is to solve the problem and second is to find it right and optimal solution for the first goal.
  • If I come across any problem with answer – first I solve it, then only I look at the given answer Advance feature of T-SQL regarding ranking, query guide, and filtered indexing are really helpful to improve the performance.
  • Before leaving a comment at a blog post, I always read original post and all the comments left before.
  • I do not remember syntax, but I do not forget them if I use them once.
  • I work sometimes more than 16 hours as I enjoy working with SQL.

I must say that I always have a great time meeting experts like Imran Mohammed; all my best wishes for his success!

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • These are the best ones…

    I do not take a chance, I always take backup
    I do not remember syntax, but I do not forget them if I use them once.

    Great to know Imran.

  • Hi Imran,

    Congrats! Nice to see you in Pinal Dave site.

    “Wish you all the best for your future career”


  • Hi Pinal,

    Thanks for sharing the tips. I liked the second and third bullets and I think I adopt the second bullet when I provide a solution.


  • Hi Pinal,

    Thanks for sharing Imran’s photo, I regularly see him around in SQLAuthority.com and specially on TOP 7 Commenter’ list.

    I agree, he is really active and very sharp in solving problem.


    Ritesh Shah

  • Hello Sir,
    Yer you are right he is very young and it’s
    great that at his age he as excellent knowledge of Sql.
    I fill that his contribution to blog is very important.

  • Vijaya Kadiyala
    December 22, 2009 8:13 pm

    Nice to know about new buddy in SQL Community..

  • You are Great person and friendly to teach and share your knowledge.

  • Hi Pinal,
    Nice to know about Imran, particulary i agree with viewpoints on solving problems. Amazed at his drive to learn about sql server related stuff at this young age.

    Thank you

  • Thanks Every one for your kind words. And Thanks to Pinal for such a delicious treat. It was an honor to meet Pinal Dave.

    Thanks Pinal. You are a great person to meet.


  • Hi Pinal,
    First of all i would like to say THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH for your all material you have posted,I start reading randomly different things and like every on i read.

    Hi Imran,
    Its nice to hear about you and very nice to see you in picture with Pinal,I am sorry to say “nice to hear about you” because this is my mistake to not to go online to read free helps from you.But today when i was reading Pinal i saw you there and as we have same first name :) i was excited to read about you.Imran where do you live,in india or u.s.a,can i contact you regarding SQL Server help please.
    what is the contact way to reach you please if you have time.


  • Hi Pinal & Imran,

    This blog is very help us to solve many problems.


  • HI Imran,

    Yes you are so young, but you have good attitude in your personal and as well in technology.

    Hi Readers,

    I personally know imran the way he work and they way he teach to others.
    Imran we honour you

  • Dear Sir, I reqest to say that one problem in my sql server 2000. In any Table some missing information.

    4908 sir in this series 4904 & 4905,4907 is missing .sir please solve my solution with a qurry and send my Email id.
    sir i hope you solve my solution.Thanks sir.

  • I have Install SQL 2005 Edition 32 bit in one data base server. But still we are facing different issue in last 2 3 days. my sql serves services working in high level then my system is hang for a moment in any query that sql utilization is under control


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