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It always suprise me how many people remember my birthday and take time from their busy life to call me, email me, wish me or send me their warm greetings. I would like to express my gratitude to them. Today is my birthday and I had decided to take a day off and does not talk about SQL Server.

Due to urgent matter at my work, I am at office working just like usual. Well, when I decide not to talk about SQL Server today on blog, let us talk about birthdays. Let me ask all of you one question about birthday.

What is the birthday of SQL Server?

January 16, 1988

While searching for SQL Server’s birthday I came across this post 20 years ago this week… from Steven Guggenheimer.

That article contained snippet of first press release and advertisement published for SQL Server.

Press Release:

January 16, 1988 — Microsoft and Ashton-Tate announce Microsoft SQL Server, a relational database server software product for local area networks (LANs) based on a relational database management system licensed from Sybase.


SQLAuthority News - Author BirthDay - SQL Server Birthday SQLLanManPoster

Above press release snippet and advertisement both are taken from original site of 20 years ago this week…. I want to thank you Steven Guggenheimer for this wonderful information.

SQL Server has came long way since it was first released and I can see it will dominate market as only true leader in coming next years.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Wish you many many happy returns of the day

  • Many Many Happy returns of the day Pinal, Have a wonderful day!!!

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    July 30, 2009 4:46 pm

    Hi Pinal,

    Many more happy returns of the day and enjoy the day with family and friends.

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  • Happy Birth Day and HAPPY EVERY DAY.

    I have not touched SQL Server for a while, just before SQL Server 2005 was released. Today, I will have an interview for a job on it.

    Thanks for the your post for me have a quick jump up. I wish I am lucky and will be able switch back to MS environments and have more chance to flow your post.


  • Happy Belated Birthday.

  • Belated Happy Birthday Pinal dave!!!!!!!!!!


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