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Few days ago, I wrote article about SQLAuthority Author Visit – IT Outsourcing to India – Top 10 Reasons Companies Outsource. I received quite a few emails regarding this article. I was really impressed that how much vendors care about their reputation and their client. I received so many requests from my blog readers who are interested in learning how to be successful at Software Outsourcing. I decided to write top 10 tips for the same. I have not described them in depth as they are pretty self explanatory.

  1. Define the scope of project clearly and as much as detail it can be.
  2. Define the schedule for project and expected milestones.
  3. Look for the domain knowledge experience in service provider.
  4. Think outsourcing as resource rather then cost saving tool.
  5. Review portfolios and samples as well as references.
  6. Start with small or medium size project which can justify the service providers expertize.
  7. Define the ownership of the work before project starts.
  8. Always plan for project maintenance and after project support.
  9. Pay regularly and swiftly when service provider reaches pre-defined milestone on time.
  10. Always ask for legal agreement and knowledge transfer documentation.

These are basic top 10 tips one should keep in mind when starting software outsourcing. If you have any more tips please add them here as comment. I am very interested to know what all of you think about this topic.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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