SQLAuthority News – Book Review – SQL Server 2005 Management and Administration (Paperback)

SQL Server 2005 Management and Administration (Paperback)
by Ross Mistry (Author), Chris Amaris (Author), Alec Minty (Author), Rand Morimoto (Author)

SQLAuthority News - Book Review - SQL Server 2005 Management and Administration (Paperback) SS2K5MandA

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Short Summary:
SQL SERVER 2005 is a trusted database platform that provides organizations a competitive advantage by allowing them to obtain faster results and make better business decisions. This book covers all the topics which can help Database Administrators to be successful and effective.

Detail summary:

This book is covers all the topics and modules of the SQL Server 2005, e.g. database engine, Analysis Services, Integration Services, replication, Reporting Services, Notification Services, services broker and full text search. This book improves the experience these professionals have working with SQL Server. Book also provides detailed guidance on management, administration, and monitoring.

Role of DBA does not end when SQL Server is already deployed. The real task of DBA begins when SQL Server is successfully deployed. This book assumes the reader has experience with installing SQL Server 2005, so it goes far beyond the basic installation and setup methods. One thing I really liked about this book is that it focuses on day-to-day administration, best practices, and industry case scenarios. Another interesting fact about this book is all topics and examples covered in this book are based on the new features and functionality included with SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2.

The topic of SQL Server 2005 administration and management is huge and this book covers almost all of those important topics. This book is divided in total of six parts. Part 5 and part 6 are available online only. Around 300 pages are available online only and it can be downloaded by registering the book. When registered this book it also enables 45 day free subscription of Safari.

Rating: 4 stars

In Summary, This is great concise book which all DBA should keep on desk for frequent reference.

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Houston Mortgage Broker
    November 8, 2007 10:01 pm

    Excellent Book! I especially liked the coverage of security and roles, and the examples provided were very good. The administration of 2005 was covered better that some other books.


  • Great review Pinal. I was very impressed with this book. Hands down, this is the greatest SQL Server book I have come across in a long time. Our organization leveraged the High Availability chapters to configure a multiple instance SQL Server 2005 failover cluster with Windows Server 2003. In addition, we also loved the chapter on PKI encryption and how to configure SCOM 2007 to proactively monitor the SQL Server infrastructure.


  • I’m sorry to disagree, but I bought a copy of this book and I think it’s total garbage. It is full of misinformation. For example, check out the section on clustered vs. nonclustered indexes, where the authors claim that a nonclustered index is sorted based on the order of the clustered index. Clearly, this book was not properly tech reviewed and should not be trusted.

  • I read the whole book and compared to other SQL Server books, I have to give it at least 4 stars. All in all a great buy!!!


  • Dinyar Daruwala
    November 29, 2007 6:18 am

    Hi Pinal,

    I found this book to be very helpful. The chapter dedicated to understanding and configuring System Center 2007 Operations Manager assisted us as we were implementing OpsMGR 2007 at our organization to proactively monitor our SQL Server infrastructure.

    Thanks and keep up the great site


  • thanks


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