SQL SERVER – UDF vs. Stored Procedures and Having vs. WHERE

Read my First Article in SQL Server Magazine – Oct 2007 [Articles are relocated so links are disabled]

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQL Function, SQL Stored Procedure
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  • Congradulations Dave,

    Getting pulished in SQL Server Magazine is quite an accomplishment. With all the work you do for the community, you deffinately deserve it!

    – Shawn

  • Dave,

    I enjoy reading the article. Wonderfully written.


  • Dave,

    I will tell you what people will like most : articles about SQL Profiler. Think why? There is always long articles. Write simple and write to the point. DBA will love you.

    S G

  • Pinal,

    Could you address the differences between UDFs and SPs with regard to DML statements like INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, etc?

    It appears that UDFs cannot perform these operations, while SPs can.

    Is that true?


  • Hi Pinal…
    your articles are very useful…I am an sql server database beginner.
    I read that “we can change environment variables using sp’s ,but can’t with udf’s ” from one of your article -stored procedure vs udf.
    My doubt is:
    How to set environment variables using stored procedures.i did not know how to get those env var values ti t-sql.So,please give me an example to do this.It may be useful for beginners like me..



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