SQLAuthority News – Reset Messaging (SMS/Text) Icon Count in Android Jelly Bean

Though, this blog post has nothing to do with SQL, this particular issue has been annoying me for a long time. I use Galaxy SIII updated with Android Jelly Bean. I am a big fan of this phone and I have written an efficiency tip about Android as well here Android Efficiency Tips and Tricks – Personal Technology Tip. Recently it started to give me one very annoying error.

I had recently received a single SMS/Text on my phone. After I read the message the icon did not reset.

Here are few of the things I tried but the icon did not reset. This keeps on confusing me as every time I check my phone, I see one unread Text but when I click on it there was no new message. This pretty much killed my efficiency as I spent more time  checking my message box when there was no new message. It became extremely annoying at times. Here are few of the things which I have done but I got no success.

  • Restart the phone (multiple times)
  • Tried to empty out all the messages from my message box (I did take backup before)
  • Asked my friends to send new messages (more messages than unread count)

All of the above got me no results. There was one option which I knew will for sure fix the issue but I did not want to try that was Reset the Phone to Factor Settings.

After a few trial and error I finally figured out the way to fix the problem.

Go to Settings >> Applications Manager

Now under Applications Manager Click on BadgeProvider. 

Under BadgeProvider click on Clear Data.

As soon as you click on Clear Data and go back to your main screen, you will notice that your Messenging Icon will now reset and will display your current unread message. If your current unread message is zero, it will not show any unread message. In my case I did not restart my phone but couple of users reported that they had to RESTART the phone after above process.

Let me know if you are a victim of this issue and if this instruction are helpful.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

SQLAuthority News – Android Efficiency Tips and Tricks – Personal Technology Tip

I use my phone for lots of things.  I use it mainly to replace my tablet – I can e-mail, take and edit photos, and do almost everything I can do on a laptop with this phone.  And I am sure that there are many of you out there just like me.  I personally have a Galaxy S3, which uses the Android operating system, and I have decided to feature it as the third installment of my Technology Tips and Tricks series.

1) Shortcut to your favorite contacts on home screen

Access your most-called contacts easily from your home screen by holding your finger on any empty spot on the home screen.  A menu will pop up that allows you to choose Shortcuts, and Contact.  You can scroll through your contact list and then just tap on the name of the person you want to be able to dial with a single click.

2) Keep track of your data usage

Yes, we all should keep a close eye on our data usage, because it is very easy to go over our limits and then end up with a giant bill at the end of the month.  Never get surprised when you open that mobile phone envelope again.  Go to Settings, then Data Usage, and you can find a quick rundown of your usage, how much data each app uses, and you can even set alarms to let you know when you are nearing the limits.   Better yet, you can set the phone to stop using data when it reaches a certain limit.

3) Bring back Good Grammar

We often hear proclamations about the downfall of written language, and how texting abbreviations, misspellings, and lack of punctuation are the root of all evil.  Well, we can show all those doomsdayers that all is not lost by bringing punctuation back to texting.  Usually we leave it off when we text because it takes too long to get to the screen with all the punctuation options.  But now you can hold down the period (or “full stop”) button and a list of all the commonly-used punctuation marks will pop right up.

4) Apps, Apps, Apps and Apps

And finally, I cannot end an article about smart phones without including a list of my favorite apps.  Here are a list of my Top 10 Applications on my Android (not counting social media apps).

  • Advanced Task Killer – Keeps my phone snappy by closing un-necessary apps
  • WhatsApp – my favorite alternate to Text SMS
  • Flipboard – my ‘timepass’ moments
  • Skype – keeps me close to friends and family
  • GoogleMaps – I am never lost because of this one thing
  • Amazon Kindle – Books my best friends
  • DropBox – My data always safe
  • Pluralsight Player – Learning never stops for me
  • Samsung Kies Air – Connecting Phone to Computer
  • Chrome – Replacing default browser

I have not included any social media applications in the above list, but you can be sure that I am linked to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)