SQL – Biggest Concerns in a Data-Driven World

The ongoing chaos over Government Agency’s snooping has ignited a heated debate on privacy of personal data and its use by government and/or other institutions. It has created a feeling of disapproval and distrust among users. This incident proves to be a lesson for companies that are looking to leverage their business using a data driven approach. According to analysts, the goal of gathering personal information should be to deliver benefits to both the parties – the user as well as the data collector(government or business).

dataanalysis SQL   Biggest Concerns in a Data Driven World

Using data the right way is crucial, and companies need to deploy the right software applications and systems to ensure that their efforts are well-directed. However, there are various issues plaguing analysts regarding available software, which are highlighted below.

According to a InformationWeek 2013 Survey of Analytics, Business Intelligence and Information Management where 541 business technology professionals contributed as respondents, it was discovered that the biggest concern was deemed to be the scarcity of expertise and high costs associated with the same. This concern was voiced by as many as 38% of the participants. A close second came out to be the issue of data warehouse appliance platforms being expensive, with 33% of those present believing it to be a huge roadblock.

Another revelation made in this respect was that 31% professionals weren’t even sure how Data Analytics can create business opportunities for them. Another 17% shared that they found data platform technologies such as Hadoop and NoSQL technologies hard to learn. These results clearly pointed out that there are awareness and expertise issues that also need much attention. Unless the demand-supply gap of Business Intelligence professionals well versed in data analysis technologies is met, this divide is going to affect how companies make the most of their BI campaigns.

One of the key action points that can be taken to salvage the situation, is to provide training on Data Analytics concepts. Koenig Solutions offer courses on many such technologies including a course on MCSE SQL Server 2012: BI Platform. So it’s time to brush up your skills and get down to work in a data driven world that awaits you ahead.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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