Big Data – Final Wrap and What Next – Day 21 of 21

In yesterday’s blog post we explored various resources related to learning Big Data and in this blog post we will wrap up this 21 day series on Big Data.

I have been exploring various terms and technology related to Big Data this entire month. It was indeed fun to write about Big Data in 21 days but the subject of Big Data is much bigger and larger than someone can cover it in 21 days. My first goal was to write about the basics and I think we have got that one covered pretty well. During this 21 days I have received many questions and answers related to Big Data. I have covered a few of the questions in this series and a few more I will be covering in the next coming months.

Now after understanding Big Data basics. I am personally going to do a list of the things next. I thought I will share the same with you as this will give you a good idea how to continue the journey of the Big Data.

  • Build a schedule to read various Apache documentations
  • Watch all Pluralsight Courses
  • Explore HortonWorks Sandbox
  • Start building presentation about Big Data – this is a great way to learn something new
  • Present in User Groups Meetings on Big Data Topics
  • Write more blog posts about Big Data

I am going to continue learning about Big Data – I want you to continue learning Big Data. Please leave a comment how you are going to continue learning about Big Data. I will publish all the informative comments on this blog with due credit. I want to end this series with the infographic by UMUC.

big data job growth infographic Big Data   Final Wrap and What Next   Day 21 of 21

Reference: Pinal Dave (

15 thoughts on “Big Data – Final Wrap and What Next – Day 21 of 21

  1. Hello Sir, thanks for your all posts , really enjoyed and were very informative , looking forward for more posts about Big data ,could you please include some stuff regarding privacy of Big data or could you please guide me to this, i am passionate about it’s privacy.


  2. Wonderful set of posts Pinal. I had been trying to get started on Big Data from various books and sites, but nothing hooked my interest as your posts did.
    Looking forward to more learning now from your suggested resources.
    Thank you!


  3. Excellent post Pinal, I was just wondering ‘How to start with the Bigdata’ and came across your blog. Got my start. Started with my first course from pluralsight. Thanks for the knowledge sharing.


  4. Thank you sir!!! It is really helping us to know about big data and technology related to big data…It will help in my research work…thank you


  5. excellent post……
    am really interesting to take further steps in big data from u r 21 days coaching……………..
    so lot lot of thanks to you………..


  6. Hi Pinal, Thank you so much for giving the idea of big data, with lots of valuable details to explore. This will help me a lot for learning more on big data.


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