SQLAuthority News – Sharding or No Sharding of Database – Working on my Weekend Project

Recently I came across situation where database sharding was once again a suggested solution by architectures. Everytime I hear the word sharding I remember my earlier article about NuoDB on Shard No More – An Innovative Look at Distributed Peer-to-peer SQL Database. Sharding requires developers to think about things like rollbacks, constraints, and referential integrity across tables within their applications when these types of concerns are best handled by the database. It also makes other common operations such as joins, searches, and memory management very difficult.

nuodbshard2 SQLAuthority News   Sharding or No Sharding of Database   Working on my Weekend Project

Each NuoDB database consists of at least three or more processes that enable a single database to run across multiple hosts. These processes include a Broker, a Transaction Engine and a Storage Manager.  Brokers are responsible for connecting client applications to Transaction Engines and maintain a global view of the network to keep track of the multiple Transaction Engines available at any time. Transaction Engines are in-memory processes that client applications connect to for processing SQL transactions. Storage Managers are responsible for persisting data to disk and serving up records to the Transaction Managers if they don’t exist in memory.

Here is my question to you all – do you ever face a situation of sharding of your database is required? When is sharding required not a good solution?

I have downloaded NuoDB today and going to build a small application which I can play with to build a scenario where sharding is no longer required. Would you be interesting in joining me with this exercise? I would like to work along with you to build such a scenario. Download NuoDB and let us start building something interesting.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

4 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – Sharding or No Sharding of Database – Working on my Weekend Project

  1. Dear Sir,
    Good morning. My company wants to migrate from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2012, but they want to know the pros and cons for migrating the old one to new one. They asked me for presenting the advantages of SQL Server 2012 over the previous version.

    Hence I request you to please give me a PPT or PDF of new features in SQL Server 2012 if you have else you can provide me some link where I can get all stuffs.
    Please revert me back.

    Thanks & Regards:

    Sabyasachi Senapati


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