SQLAuthority News – Delhi Flash Mob and Women Safety – 2400th Blog Post – A Milestone

I have stopped writing milestone posts recently as I realized that they really do not serve any other value besides having boastful note about myself. I rather do some important contribution to my blog so I started to build Weekly Memory Lane series and that is a much better contribution in my opinion as that even helps me to go and re-learn some of the concepts from the past.

However, this blog post is a different blog post than any other blog post. If you are familiar with what is going on recently in Delhi, India you will appreciate my reason behind this blog post. As an Indian it is very important to understand safety is very important for Indian Citizen. As a father and husband the safety of woman family member is the prime responsibility of mine. Recently a very sad event in Delhi, India has shaken up whole India (and the rest of the world). I have been meaning to write about this subject on this blog for a long time however, it was very painful to think about this event as an Indian.

I had decided to stay silent on this subject, even though the subject has been very much in mind. Silence is not a solution. I am strongly against crime against women. I have been discussing this subject with my friends from Koenig Solutions. They are also experiencing very similar emotions as the rest of the India. On the Republic Day of India (26th January), they have recently performed a Flash Mob in Delhi. Here is very touching, inspiring and powerful Delhi Flash Mob. If you are not familiar with Hindi (Indian Language), I strongly suggest that you turn on Closed Caption (Subtitles) to grasp the real meaning behind this song. It is not a simple dance, it is a creative fight against the rights of women and safety.

Direct Link to Video

Direct Link to Video

Thank you Koenig Solutions for inspiring all of us.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthoity.com)

One thought on “SQLAuthority News – Delhi Flash Mob and Women Safety – 2400th Blog Post – A Milestone

  1. I wish, I had a magic stick which could fix all issues in the society.

    How can we reach those people so that we can educate them what they are doing is inhuman,

    Satyamev Jayate was a very impressive show that highlighted some social issues we are facing in our times, but only those people watched the show who are responsible towards the society but whats the advantage, if the show cannot reach and teach people who commit these crimes day to day.

    I hate to say this but there should be public executions so that it becomes crystal clear to people what they are getting into.

    I hope people in India will change, change for good.

    Nice initiative Pinal. Appreciate your efforts for betterment of society.

    I really love this blog because its not about sql everytime….

    ~ Imran Mohammed.


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