SQLAuthority News – Getting Ready to Learn SQL Server

If you have read my earlier blog post you must be aware of how I am always eager to learn new things. I have signed up for three days learning course at Koenig Solutions for End to End SQL Server Business Intelligence. You may wonder why I sign up for the course on SQL Server when it seems that I know a lot about it.

Well, the belief is incorrect that I know a lot. I think there are plenty of things which I have been dreaming to learn.

Why am I learning SQL Server?

First of all – I do not know everything and second it is always a good idea to learn more. No matter how old we get or how much we think we know – there are always details which we can learn and refresh few concepts.

Learning is never ending process philosophically but it is true as well in reality. SQL Server 2012 is already released earlier this year and there are plenty of enhancements released. Recently I was going over the list of the all the new feature and enhancement and I realized that there few things about SQL Server 2008 R2 I never got a chance to have a hand’s on experience and we have entered into the era of SQL Server 2012. I feel a bit bad about it and I decided to make it a priority for me to learn all the missing experiences.

Quick Action – Registration

The very same day I called up my friend who owns Koenig Solution and expressed my concern and requested his help. During my early career when I was a SQL Server Trainer, we had some good synergy between us and now they are very successful offshore training company by having a physical location in Delhi,  Goa, Dahradun, Shimla, Goa and Bangalore. I quickly visited their Bangalore Center and paid my fees for learning SQL Server Business Intelligence course. Very next second I got call from my friend suggesting that I learn this course from Delhi instead of Bangalore. As per him I should travel to Delhi and learn the course how other students are learning “Away from Home”. This made sense as I stay in Bangalore and if I return home after a long day of learning, I will be not able to practice for the next day as there will be “sweet distraction” of the family. Well I opted for Delhi.

What Registration Fees Included

I learned from registration processes that the following were included in the fees.

  • 3 meals every day (hearty breakfast, lunch from premium restaurants and home cooked like dinner)
  • Airport pick up and drop
  • Hotel Stay
  • Internet at hotel and at learning institute
  • Unlimited coffee and snacks at learning institute
  • Printed Learning Material
  • Certification Fees (if applicable)
  • Learning material
  • … And of course classroom training

I thought registration process was over when I paid fees. Well, I was in for a very nice surprise.

Registration Experience – Bliss!

Red Fort Delhi SQLAuthority News   Getting Ready to Learn SQL ServerWithin few hours I received emails from Center Manager of Delhi with all the necessary details I need to know about my learning experience. The email contained following information in detail and it blew me away.

  • Details of the pick up from airport – driver information
  • Details of Delhi and important information
  • List of all the important people and emergency contact details
  • Internet connection details
  • Detail of the trainer and all the training details
  • and lots of other relevant information

Well so far everything looks great. Tomorrow I will reach to Delhi and I will share how things go on. Any suggestion for things to do in Delhi?

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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