SQL SERVER – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays – Database Properties – Number of Users

First of all Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everybody. I wish you best holiday season.

In today’s blog post – I am sharing very small question received by one of the reader. Though simple sometime a small question make people think. He sent me very similar to following image and asked few questions. As his image represented his server’s information, I am reproducing very similar image using AdventureWorks database.

Question: What does the number of users signifies in database properties? Does this mean current connected users or total active users or total enabled users or what exactly?”

Answer: Database Properties >> Number of Users indicates the how many users exists in the database.

In my current example you can see that there are 5 users and that is displayed in the above properties screen. Though, it is very simple question, now I am going to ask you question back.

Question to readers: If you notice there is small arrow besides GUEST or SYS login. It is RED arrow on south. What does this arrow means?

Please leave your answer in comments area.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

30 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays – Database Properties – Number of Users

  1. Just as a clarification, a login with a red arrow down is a disabled login, and a user inside a database with an red arrow down is one that does not have CONNECT rights to the database. This can be fixed with the following grant statement:

    USE DatabaseName

    GRANT CONNECT TO [Username]


  2. This is easy,

    Down Red Arrow means disabled, like every one mentioned in their replies.

    Starting SQL Server 2005, Microsoft disabled Guest account in msdb and model database for security reasons and all sample databases.

    This account will still be enabled in master and tempdb database.

    For Security reasons, it is advised that guest account is disabled in user databases and public role should not be given access to any object in any database.

    ~ IM.


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  4. User guest is denied to connect to the database adventureworks.

    use adventureworks;
    grant connect to guest;

    This will resolve the problem.


  5. Thanks Pinal, Question: When you buy SQL License do you look at this value? if not then what should we look to buy SQL License appropriately?


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