SQLAuthority News – Latest expressor Data Integration Platform Posts

Here is the quick summary of my recent blog post which I have written while I am experimenting expressor data Integration platform.

SQL SERVER – Introduction to expressor 3.4 Lookup Tables

In this blog post, I am going to take a closer look at expressor’s new and extremely versatile implementation of lookup tables, which they are releasing as part of the upcoming expressor 3.4 product release.

SQL SERVER – Introduction to expressor Datascript Modules

With the release of expressor 3.3, expressor software has added a significant new feature to the expressor Studio tool – the ability to easily extend functionality through the incorporation of reusable script files. A developer using expressor Studio may write these scripts and add them to any number of projects, or you can integrate scripts written by other developers.

SQL SERVER – 5 Tips for Improving Your Data with expressor Studio

It’s no secret that bad data leads to bad decisions and poor results. However, how do you prevent dirty data from taking up residency in your data store? Some might argue that it’s the responsibility of the person sending you the data.

SQL SERVER – Who needs ETL Version Control?

While making some changes (read: mistakes) to my ETL business logic the other day, it occurred to me much too late that those unfortunate changes had replaced the once properly working logic with now very flawed logic. The good news was that I remembered what the working logic was supposed to be. The bad news, I had to re-create it. Had I had the working logic already checked-in under version control, I could have saved myself the two hours of wasted time and effort.

Reference:  Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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