SQL SERVER – Beginning SQL Azure – Article Links by Dhananjay Kumar

Passion is very important but it needs to be focused on right direction. I just remember conversation with my friend Dhananjay Kumar (MVP) two months ago. He writes on various subject. While discussing technology, we discussed that he will write on SQL Azure and related technology. Since than we did not discuss about this subject later. Yesterday while searching on the subject of Azure, I landed on his site and when I looked at how much he has written on this subject, it did surprised me. I must express the progress of Dhananjay is remarkable and his understanding of the subject is very deep. The best part of his writing is his tutorial style writing, which enable any beginner to learn the subject in no time.

Windows Azure links


If you are a .NET developers and want to start with SQL Azure, read below


When I asked him why he did not tell me that he has written so much on this subject – he answered it calmly with gentle smile – ‘Well, I am in the cloud!’

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

8 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Beginning SQL Azure – Article Links by Dhananjay Kumar

  1. Dhananjay always did great work and it becomes greater when someone like you recognize it. Great going folks… make the world wiser and tech savy. :)


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