SQLAuthority News – Restart Remote Computer – Shutdown Remote Computer

I often work with multiple computer system. This machines are different machines. When I login using remote desktop to different machine, I often want to restart or shutdown the computer. Remote desktop does not let me shutdown computer when I have remote system as Windows 7. At this time, I walk myself to the physical computer and restart the machine. This is not convenient if I am doing it often.

I recently searched for command prompt solution for the same and I learned it today.

If you are going to say this is so 90s. Well, I am late by 20 years :)

Shutdown the Computer using Command Prompt

shutdown /s

Restart the Computer using Command Prompt

shutdown /r

Well this is very simple but I am glad that I know it.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

13 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – Restart Remote Computer – Shutdown Remote Computer

  1. you can also do same using task manager.Just right click on you task bar and select task manager,you will get one “windows Task Manager” dialog. Here you have one menu “shutdown” through this you can shut down,restart,stand by… your any remote system.


  2. hai, i’m a gniit student and i’m working on a project using ADO.NET. and i need a solution. i need a sql query to save details from text box on windows form to my specified columns of my backend table, i’m using c# for the prject.




  3. Hello!
    We use this to remotely restart our Virtual machines that we use on the development & QA environments. Very, very useful – and although it may be something from the 90’s, it has not lost it’s value even today!

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nakul Vachhrajani.
    Be courteous. Drive responsibly.


  4. my sql management is not running. as soon as i type ssms
    i it run for few seonds and closed. that is why i can not restore any database


  5. Hi Pinal,

    This is very good to hear about the command prompt commands.

    Is there any commands to operate the SSMS with out using
    GUI, very help full to us.


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