SQL SERVER – Demo Script – Keeping CPU Busy

Recently face very interesting situation, during presentations at event, I was asked very famous questions:

“My CPU is very high all the time, how can I reduce it?”

This is very interesting question and there are many answers and a single blog post is not good enough to justify this subject. I presented few situation to the person who asked the question. The member of the audience who asked question came to me afterwords and asked me few detailed questions. To answer him, I quickly wrote query which simulate high CPU. Here is the script which I wrote which increased CPU from 10% to 80%. I was wondering if there is any similar script which can simulate high CPU usage. If you have share with me and I will publish with due credit.

Here is my script for the same:

USE AdventureWorks
@Flag = 1
WHILE(@Flag < 1000)
ON [Sales].[SalesOrderDetail] REBUILD
SET @Flag = @Flag + 1


Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

8 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Demo Script – Keeping CPU Busy

  1. EXEC sp_msForEachDb
    @command1=’IF ”#” NOT IN (”master”, ”model”, ”msdb”, ”pubs”, ”tempdb”) BEGIN PRINT ”#”;
    EXEC #.dbo.sp_msForEachTable ”UPDATE STATISTICS ? WITH FULLSCAN”, @command2=”PRINT CONVERT(VARCHAR, GETDATE(), 9) + ”” – ? Stats Updated””” END’,
    @replaceChar = ‘#’


  2. My contribution:

    Declare @T DateTime,
    @F Bigint;
    Set @T=GetDate();
    While DATEADD(Second,180,@T)>GETDATE()
    Set @F=POWER(2,30);

    I reached 50% in SQL Server Activity Monitor
    And 100% in Windows Task Manager.


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