SQLAuthority News – New Banner of Blog

As this blog is approaching 4th anniversary, I have decided to change few things in this blog. I have finally decided to change the blog banner and I have created internal poll for the blog banner. I have uploaded the winning banner as the title of the blog and I liked it a lot.

I would like to know your opinion about the same.

The changes I have done from the previous banners are

  • Bigger Images
  • Bigger Logo
  • A cleaning up edges

Please visit the site http://blog.sqlauthority.com and give me your opinion about banner.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)


9 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – New Banner of Blog

  1. Hi,

    New banner design was attractive and designed well..

    How is your Singapore conference regards sharepoint.

    Share that experience to our blog readers.

    I read this blog everyday like Newspaper and learn more things from last one year..


  2. Hi Pinal

    Congrats, Your blog’s birth date and my birth date is same.

    I have some suggestion. Choose light blue color and small fonts for the “SQLAuthority.com” word.

    Hope, you will like this suggestion.



  3. Hello, Pinal!

    That’s a nice change, indeed – much more soothing to the eyes!

    One thing I would have expected is to have the Indian national tri-colour somewhere in the logo.

    Last, but not the least, Congratulations on the 4th anniversary of SQL Authority.com! I pray that many more milestones are achieved in the years to come!

    Heartiest congratulations!

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nakul Vachhrajani.


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