SQL SERVER – Download SQL Server 2008 Interview Questions and Answers Complete List

I was getting many request to update SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers I had written couple of years ago. I have modified the original document a bit and corrected few of the typos and errors. I have really enjoyed going over all the Interview Questions and Answers. It has been the most popular subject always on this blog.

I am in process of updating that with few new questions and answers I have received from industry experts. Please provide your feedback on how we can further improve them or what kind of questions and answers would like to include in them.

Download SQL Server 2008 Interview Questions and Answers Complete List

The real feedback I have received for this interview questions and answers is that it has been extremely useful for beginners to get going on with the subject.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

13 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Download SQL Server 2008 Interview Questions and Answers Complete List

  1. Hi Pinal,

    Thanks for posting Interview Questions …… This is fantastic efforts and we are big fans of your interview questions and answers.



  2. Hi Pinal,
    We have 1 clustered and 249 non clustered indexes in sql server 2000. So is there any specific reason that we have only 249 nonlustered indexs.

    Thanks in Advance…

    JaiPrakash Shukla


    • We have 1 clustered and 249 non clustered indexes in sql server 2005, not in SQL server 2000. I SQL 2000 limit is 1 clustered and 15 non clustered indexes.

      No of indexes decrease your performance of insert, update & delete operations.


  3. Hi Pinal,

    I am the regular reader of this blog.
    This is excellent job! and very usfull for beginners as well as experienced professionals keep it up.

    Thanks and Regards


  4. Dave,

    I love the updated questions. I tried to print them out, but the print button is disabled on the pdf, was this an accident or intentional. I love to have a paper copy when interviewing candidates.



  5. Well, we all are great fan of posts, but right now i have to print the sql2008 Q&A but it seem that it is Encrypted i REQUEST you please enable the print option in the pdf download …….
    Thank and Regard,


  6. Hi Pinal,

    As I am new to your blog but i must say “Thanks” for such great work because for sql beginer like me your blogs & articles are very inspiring & useful.

    I wish you all the best for the same.

    And also request you to please enable us to download the sql2008 interview questions Pdf as currently it is in encrypted format.



  7. Dave
    I was wondenring if you have published a script or could point me in the right direction. I looking for a script that does the following:
    (1) I have complete database with X tables and relationships etc. No data. This is my database template.
    This database powers my online application
    (2) Now I have a new customer sign up. The customer name is JoeBlow. I want to recreate my templated database as a starting point for my new customer. So I want to copy everthing from the tempale but with new table names which end in the new customer name or _JoeBlow

    Any help apprecated


  8. hai im new to this blog.
    I downloaded sql ques n ans bt while opening it isi asking password. what it is?
    Can anyone plz tell me.


  9. Hello Pinal,

    I am regular visitor of your blog. These are excellent pieces of information. This will really help to beginner. Keep posting. Thank you.

    ~ Vishal Dobariya


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