SQLAuthority News – Virtual Launch Event for Office 2010 – Contest – Win MS Office License

Office products are integral products of any PC. I accept that without Office Suites, I can not survive or make enough leaving. I am blogger and use word to create my blogs. I am SQL Server Trainer  and I use PowerPoint as my presentation tool. I am SQL Server consultant and I use Excel to keep my work log. I can not see my life with Office Tools. Just like any other Microsoft Product there is strong community following Office Tools. Please count me in.

The same community is hosting a Virtual Launch Event for Office 2010 on May 25 and 26th. The webcasts is FREE to attend and people can take part either online or by going to the nearest available center. The sessions will be delivered by MVPs. To register please visit: http://www.meraoffice.com. In June, limited cities will be hosting Community Launch Events for Office 2010. At the launch events, attendees will get to see Office 2010 in action and learn how to do their work better with Office 2010.  The details are available on http://office.merawindows.com.

To support one of the largest community, I am announcing one contents. It is very easy to take part in the contest. You just have to answer one very simple question.


Choose best option:

With which Microsoft Office Product Powerpivot is associated?

1) PowerPoint
2) Excel
3) Word

Hint: http://search.sqlauthority.com


  • Winner will be awarded 1 Office 2007 Home and Student. This will be freely upgradeable to Office 2010 once it releases in June.
  • The winners will be sent emails and they will redeem their awards via microsoftstore.co.in
  • The prizes can only be shipped to India and Indian residents are eligible.
  • Winner will be selected by selected community leaders and MVPs at their sole discretion.
  • Winner will be informed by email about the award.
  • Most creative and informative comment will win the contest.

Please spread the words about this contest. SQLAuthority.com will also send SQL Server book to the person who generates the most traffic to this blog post using Twitter, Facebook and other social media. This competition is also open to Indian residents only. I will measure the traffic using my wordpress.com stats plugin.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

21 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – Virtual Launch Event for Office 2010 – Contest – Win MS Office License

  1. Hi

    I had the opportunity to listen to Mr. Kamal Hathi in this years TechEd 2010 virtual event held at Bagalore. For those who wonder who is Mr. Kamal – he is the person responsible for getting the PowerPivot out.

    Answer to the question is – EXCEL.

    What people dont know is PowerPivot was internally code named as Gemini.

    (check my blog for more facts :) http://weblogs.asp.net/kashyapa/archive/2010/04/24/tech-ed-2k10-a-virtual-experience.aspx)



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  3. PowerPivot refers to a collection of applications and services that provide an end-to-end solution for creating and sharing business intelligence using Excel and SharePoint.

    As SharePoint is not the option answer is ‘EXCEL’.

    PowerPivot for Excel is an authoring tool that you use to create PowerPivot data in an Excel workbook. You use Excel data visualization objects such as PivotTables and PivotCharts to present the PowerPivot data that you embed or reference in an Excel workbook file.


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