SQLAuthority News – Milestone of 1300th Post and A Few Updates

Today is my 1300th blog post and I realize that my blog has been quite running such a long journey. I have been writing for a lengthy time on this tech blog. Today I would like to go back and briefly recall the posts that were part of my blog’s history. Read all list of all my blog posts here.

This blog only started as a list of personal bookmarks. I used to just write down scripts on the blog for my personal use. I was the one who wrote many scripts here for the servers that I was maintaining to keep them polished. I have included many links in my first blog posts which I view as just a collection of bookmarks on my very own blog; no intentions of publishing other contents besides the scripts, at all. Gradually, I realized that people read my blog and follow the advices which were supposedly meant only for me. I tried to write a code and a script which are generic in nature, so anyone can just use it right away.

Nothing is perfect. When I was writing the last 1299 posts (and having 14 Million+ views), I have made a few mistakes and tweaks that I thoughtfully accepted. These are corrections that were pointed out by many kind souls and readers like you, which have helped me develop wonderful blogging experiences. I am very glad that I have this blog wherein I can express myself. After all, I would have not reached where I am today if I have kept myself worried in terms of expressing my knowledge and understanding SQL Server. I am happy that many of you appreciated my efforts and supported me all the way, which also helped me achieve where I am now. I promise to learn more about this fascinating subject and, of course, continue to share whatever I will learn to my dear readers.

Again, I really thank YOU for reading this blog and supporting the SQL community.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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38 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – Milestone of 1300th Post and A Few Updates

  1. Pinal,

    Congratulations on this milestone. Your blog has helped me in my career immensely, and I appreciate it greatly.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!



  2. Hi Pinal,

    This blog is really slowly becoming encyclopedia of SQL Server. hope to see milestone of 1500 article soon. best wishes and congratulations!!!


    Ritesh Shah

  3. Hi,

    It is great achievement. Everyday comes up with new idea is only available at SQLAuthority. Everyday we can find new things to learn from here in simple words.


  4. Wow 14 Million Views… Congracts Pinal.

    I know only people like you with full dedication and commitment can achieve these mile stones.

    I still wonder HOW DO YOU GET THIS MUCH TIME ? There must be some secret.

    * Writing everyday blog post without missing a single day.
    * Replying to 100’s of questions people ask,
    * Maintaining and moderating a huge blog.
    * Presenting Seminars, talks.
    * Attending International Seminars.
    * Giving Online Classes.
    ** Learning new stuff every day
    *Office Work.
    *And time for Personal Life….

    WOW… So much to learn from you.

    ~ Your Student

    • Imran,

      It is not me, it is all you guys do it. I am just constantly attempting to keep it up with myself.

      The good souls like you motivate me and keep me going.

      Many thanks,

      Kind Regards,

  5. Congrats Pinal Sir,
    All though i am new to your blog i know how much wealth of knowledge is there in your blog. I don’t know how will i complete reading all your post 1300 post!!

    As per my calculation if i read 1 post each day i need 3.561 years to complete your blog provided you have stopped blogging which is impossible.:-)

    • Hi Gandip,

      Many thanks for your kind words, I was just going our photograhs. It was great to meet you. And yeah I have no plan to stop blogging and I loved your calculations!

      Kind Regards,

  6. Hi…
    Congrats on this huge success..
    This blog is always very helpful. Hope to see much more from this blog.

  7. Hi Pinal,


    I just used to search in this blog first whenever I stuck in SQL Server. Each and every post of your blog is valuable to SQL community. Thanks for your time and effrots. We wish that this blog just breaks all records in blogging history one day.

    Just keep blogging and thanks for sharing your vast knowledge with us which is most important.

    God bless you!

    Thanks & Regards,

    Viresh Shah

  8. Hi Pinal,

    First of congress to you.

    For your achievement is because of your knowledge sharing and your hard work and time spent for blog readers.

    Your all the posts are very simply understandable and easy to implement for practical.

    We (I and Jalpesh) have plan to schedule for meeting with you and Jacob.

    Thanks a lot you for your blog.

    Paresh Prajapati

  9. Hi sir,

    Congratulations on this achievement and thanks for sharing your knowledge to help us……..

    Best Wishes …

    With Regards

  10. Congrats for the acheivement.I really like the way you explain things. It is very simple and the concepts explained will be ever lasting.


  11. Pinal,

    I am a long time silent reader of this blog. Thank you for your outstanding contributions to the community and creating this excellent source of knowledge. This surely helps a lot.
    Thank you again for this great blog.

    Utsab Chattopadhyay

  12. Congratulations Pinal on achieving this milestone. It really shows your passion and dedication to reach out and share with the sql server community. It takes a lot of self motivation to work on new ideas and also take the time to present and share. I guess you have mastered the art of balancing your time between the blog,work,training and family.

  13. Hello Pinal,

    I had attended your one saminar at NIC, Gujarat. From that day i daily read your blog. It realy very help full me to get new ideas to work with sql.

    I want to ask just one question. How can you manage to write in blog with your busy daily schedule?

    with regards,

  14. Congratulations Pinal on achieving this milestone. It really shows your passion and dedication to reach out and share with the sql server community. It takes a lot of self motivation to work on new ideas and also take the time to present and share. I guess you have mastered the art of balancing your time between the blog,work,training and family.

    • Vijay,

      It is indeed difficult to to manage life between work, training and family. Well, some how I have always found blogging happens itself.

      Kind Regards,

  15. Congrats, Pinal For achieving such a huge milestone. I have learnt lot from your blog. Its helping me out in my day to day activities. We will meet sometime i need to discuss lots of things with you. I want to learn lots of things from you like how you write everyday something with managing your professional activities.

    I wish you many more milestone ahead.

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