SQLAuthority News – TechEd On Road Ahmedabad, India is Announced – June 20, 2009 Saturday

Register here : http://techedahmedabad.eventbrite.com/

techedonroad SQLAuthority News   TechEd On Road Ahmedabad, India is Announced   June 20, 2009 Saturday

Register here : http://techedahmedabad.eventbrite.com/

If you are regretting for missing TechEd India 2009 at Hyderabad here’s your chance of catching up with a similar kind of technology event in Ahmedabad, India on Saturday June 20, 2009. TechEd on Road will be held in Ahmedabad at Rock Regency, a prime location in the heart of the city. This prestigious event is going to be the largest event in Ahmedabad with brand TechEd. If you are a technology enthusiast and are interested in meeting experienced, technology experts from all over the state, then this event is an ideal platform for you.

Do show up a little early at this FREE event, preferably around 1:30 PM, if you want good seats and want to meet the two renowned MVPs (Pinal Dave and Jacob Sebastian). Entry is first come and first serve.

Please refer to the flyer below for details on agenda, map of venue, sponsors and giveaway. Yes, there will be lots of gifts and giveaways for all the attendees.  You can be a part of this grand event in various ways – as an attendee, as a volunteer or as a sponsor. Feel free to send email to pinal ‘at ‘ sqlauthority.com if you have any question regarding this event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend this event?
Anyone who is interested in technology can attend this event. This free event is open for all.

What is the entry fee?

This is a FREE event. Register here: http://techedahmedabad.eventbrite.com/

What is attendee’s takeaway?
Knowledge, Friends, Networking, Opportunity, and Free Gifts. Everybody will receive something for attending the event.

Can anybody come from outside of Ahmedabad to attend this event?
Yes, absolutely! As said earlier, this event is open to all.

Can I have access to the recorded event?
No. The event is not recorded. So please attend the event.

When the next TechEd event will be held?
Why not be present in this event instead of waiting for the next one! You have already missed TechEd India 2009 at Hyderabad. So why miss another valuable event.

Can I copy this post and use it to send invitation to my friends?
Absolutely! This post is not protected from copyright. Please blog it, Twit it, Facebook it, Digg it, do whatever you think will give publicity to this event. Do send us link; we will send you some good giveaways.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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