SQL SERVER – Check if Current Login is Part of Server Role Member

I often work on consulting projects with umpteen clients from across the globe. The nature of the works I usually receive necessitates me to take on the role of a system admin. Now, this role is trailed by come common issues. This article revolves around one such concern.

Most of the time, I get login and DBA from my clients. However, sometimes I face login-related problems, primarily because my clients forget to confer admin rights on me. Anticipating this situation I perform a simple task, which saves my time and saves me from exasperation.  Whenever I receive a server login I run the following query to verify if  the client has assigned me the role of system admin or not.


If I have been assigned system admin role then the result will be 1 else it will be 0.

I have listed below valid roles that can be verified using the above function.


If you pass an invalid role to the above function, it will return value NULL.

I hope my article is clear to all my readers. Please send me your feedback. I want my readers to come up with more issues that need to be tackled.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

5 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Check if Current Login is Part of Server Role Member

  1. Hi,
    I’m trying to generate a spreadsheet showing what server roles all my sql server users belong to. How can I do that?
    Really appreciate any help.


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