SQL SERVER – Very Powerful and Feature-Rich Backup, Zip and FTP Utility SQLBackupAndFTP

It goes without saying that Database Backup is the most important task for any Database Administrator (DBA). Naturally, large organizations always have a team of DBAs who execute Database Backup tasks. No matter how big or small an organization is, the importance of database backup remains the same across the board. It’s a common practice in several organizations to upload the backup to their remote location for additional safety. I totally vouch for this safety measure of having their additional backup on remote/satellite location. This redundancy comes in handy whenever a catastrophe of not having proper backup surfaces abruptly.

While I was searching online for a very simple solution for one of my clients, I came across a small-sized but feature-rich application from SqlBackupAndFTP.com. This practical application has been created by Pranas.NET (http://pranas.net) I have made extensive use of this tool for some time now and undoubtedly, this tool is very impressive by all standards!

To put it simply, SQLBackupAndFTP is MS SQL Server backup software. This tool performs several tasks such as running scheduled backups of SQL Server or SQL Server Express databases, zipping the backups, storing them on a network or on a FTP server, removing old backups, and finally, sending an e-mail confirmation on job’s success or failure. Besides, SQLBackupAndFTP Free is freeware, which is free from any spyware. Best of all, this ingeniously simple tool is extremely affordable for all. You just need to install it on the server and you can get up and running really fast.

Given below are some important tasks which this tool can perform using daily scheduler:
•    Backup SQL Server Database
•    Zip the backups
•    Encrypt the backups
•    FTP the backups to remove FTP server
•    Move file to local area network
•    Send final status of tasks in email.

Let us now see how we can take backup and move it to the desired folder.

Image 1: First, connect to the desired server.
backup1 SQL SERVER   Very Powerful and Feature Rich Backup, Zip and FTP Utility SQLBackupAndFTP

Image 2: As you can see, all the settings are very easy as described in the following image. Pay attention to these very simple, one screen settings. From database selection to job scheduling, you can configure everything from this page itself.
backup2 SQL SERVER   Very Powerful and Feature Rich Backup, Zip and FTP Utility SQLBackupAndFTP

Image 3: This screen describes all the steps that are being performed. User can easily view the status of all the jobs – either success or failure – on this page.
backup3 SQL SERVER   Very Powerful and Feature Rich Backup, Zip and FTP Utility SQLBackupAndFTP

Image 4: The following screen displays the settings for advanced users who have to deal with large database.
backup4 SQL SERVER   Very Powerful and Feature Rich Backup, Zip and FTP Utility SQLBackupAndFTP

Image 5: This screen displays email regarding final status of tasks, which is sent to the user after task completion.
backup5 SQL SERVER   Very Powerful and Feature Rich Backup, Zip and FTP Utility SQLBackupAndFTP

Now, a question that might baffle your mind is – how this tool is better than maintenance tasks available in SQL Server. Well, here goes the answer. Maintenance tasks are easy to set up for backups; however, SQLBackupAndFTP have integrated solution for encryption, FTP and email which make it superior to maintenance tasks in every aspect.

I would like to present my unbiased view about this tool. At the same time, I want to give my readers a broad perspective about backup tools in general.  On comparing this tool with other backup tools I have experienced that it is not the fanciest tool to manage backups or check their health. This is one tool that smoothly performs the job in a few steps compared to native SQL Server backup, which takes numerous steps to execute the same job.

SQLBackupAndFTP is best suited for developers/DBAs who just want to ensure that they have schedule job that takes care of backup and moves them to appropriate place. In fact, it is ideal for any SQL Server database where backups need to be sent every day to a remote FTP server. It saves maintenance time on any SQL Server version. Besides, it is especially useful for SQL Server Express 2005 and SQL Server Express 2008, as they lack built in tools for backup.

This tool is compatible with almost all the known SQL Server versions. It works with SQL Server 2008 (all versions) and many of the previous versions.

While testing this tool, I noticed that there are few limitations. It does not support differential or transaction backups. I also found that this tool only works on local SQL Server instances and cannot connect to another SQL Server on LAN. When I contacted support, I came to know that they are planning to release its updated version in April 2009, which will not have any such limitations.

I strongly recommend this tool to all the DBAs. They must try it as it is absolutely free and does exactly what it promises. You can download your free copy of the tool from here.

Please share your experience about using this tool. I am eager to receive your feedback regarding this article.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

37 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Very Powerful and Feature-Rich Backup, Zip and FTP Utility SQLBackupAndFTP

  1. will u plz give help in bulk uploading, how to check validation (for ex “email format,phone number etc ) when we read data from a text file


  2. Hi Pinal,
    This is a neat tool, Currently we use backup software from Redgate, it is good as well provided compressed backups with encryption.


  3. SQLBackupAndFTP Free vs Premium ($49) compare features

    It’s a nice tool for start (I have came across it, but don’t need to use it), I have built something with SQL backup jobs + SyncBack copy + SyncBack FTP download + SQL restore jobs (use Red Gate Backup too). It was F-U-N

    RedGate SQL Backup is a good tool, and they have free FTPcopy utility as well


  4. Hi Strongly suggest that you write another post explaining ll the features of this product.

    Very easy to understand.

    Tool size is so small that it can hardly have any spyware … ha ha… that has to stay spyware free :)



  5. so what will be in the version of April 2009?

    I think the biggest limitation is that it can not connect to other server in net but as you say it will be fixed in April 2009, what else that version have.


  6. Hi! I am one of the SQLBackupAndFTP creators. Pinal, thank you for a great review and guys, thank you for warm comments.
    In about a month we plan to add “Remote Backup” functionality to the program. It is not a fix, but a new feature. Local backups are easy with BACKUP DATABASE, but remote mean we need to script it. Scripting is simple with SMO, but then we’d need to add 14MB libraries to our current 0.5MB product. So we write it from scratch instead – but that’s not an easy task.
    After that we’ll add Differential and maybe Transaction Log options for advanced users.
    In summer 2009 we plan to launch a new super easy no-configuration (just connection string) required subscription-based program that will upload backups to our web site and users will be able to access their files, logs and set backup options from our site.
    If you have questions, post them here or on our site: http://www.sqlbackupandftp.com/contact/
    Thank you again.


  7. Hello Pinal,

    You still have not answered my question. Would you present demo of this software in UG presentation?

    I am intersted in demo of this tool, what about advance screen?

    Also I read through all the comments, one question you need to answer is how did you come across this wonderful tool.



  8. This is a truly excellent tool, recommended.

    So simple to use and worked immediately.

    The zipped backups are so much more compact too.

    Only problem was hooking up to my mail account, but will probably just get a google account especially for this.


  9. Dear Sir
    I tried for local it woking fine for me..but when i am going to take remote server backup
    its shoing me warning msg there may be error came
    do at ur own risk..so i am affraid ..so left in between
    as it is huge and very imp..
    so what i have to do sir…
    plz hellp me..
    how to take remote server bkp..
    awaiitng for your kind reply..
    thks in advance..

    Pradeep Kulkarni
    S/w engg, Pune


  10. This will be very good tools. I am going to try this anyway. I got RedGate Backup already but that might be something I will need for development server. Thanks.


  11. Thanks for sharing this production information.
    However I am looking for tools to allow me restore BAK file from FTP server to SQL 2008 name instance directly (No file copy).
    Does anyone has similar experience? Thanks ahead.


  12. I used this software for several months, I found this software is weak on database recovery, and not a real free software, No DBA runs only 2 scheduled job. Finally ,I turn to other server backup software ,such as databk, it works very well for all my 25 database servers


  13. Hello Pinal Sir:

    Thank you soo much for such a fantastic article. I was searching this kind of tool and now I got this tool that you suggested. I respect your suggestion and guidance blindly because i think you are the GURU in SQL world.


  14. I use SQL native tools to do the backup. After I install this tool, I found the existing backup files has a blue icon next to it. Only for the full backup.

    what does the blue icon mean?


  15. Pinal,

    AWESOME TOOL and cost effective as well!!!

    I’ve a situation where TDE requires for security of database of course not looking to do it at cell level, however utilizing this SQL Feature to enabled security of database backup files & physical files.

    Catch in this scenario is doesn’t want to leave “SQL Native Compression” ability as it saves a lot of space/SAN Cost.

    As TDE & Backup compression features are mutually exclusive by Microsoft documents, ready to invest in 3rd party tool which can achieve aforesaid mutually exclusive features. Please let me know if you any product.

    Any help is really really appreciated.


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