SQL SERVER – Difference Between DBMS and RDBMS

What is the difference between DBMS and RDBMS?

DBMS – Data Base Management System

RDBMS – Relational Data Base Management System or Relational DBMS

A DBMS has to be persistent, that is it should be accessible when the program created the data ceases to exist or even the application that created the data restarted. A DBMS also has to provide some uniform methods independent of a specific application for accessing the information that is stored.

RDBMS adds the additional condition that the system supports a tabular structure of the data, with enforced relationships between the tables. This excludes the databases that don’t support a tabular structure or don’t enforce relationships between tables.

DBMS does not impose any constraints or security with regard to data manipulation it is used or the programmer responsibility to ensure the ACID PROPERTY of the database whereas the RDBMS is more with this regards because RDBMS defines the integrity constraint for the purpose of holding ACID PROPERTY. RDBMS may be or may not be Client Server Database System.

Examples :

DBMS – File System, XML

RDBMS – SQL Server, Oracle

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

64 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Difference Between DBMS and RDBMS

  1. Oracle and SQL Server are not RDBMSs! The defining feature of a relational database is that its data structures are all Relations (thus “relational”). Relations consist of values within tuples.

    That is not the model used by SQL-based DBMSs. SQL contains many things that are not relational: duplicate rows, duplicate columns, nulls, tables without keys, etc.

    SQL borrows certain ideas and terminology from the relational model but the SQL features are quite different from their relational counterparts. For example SQL queries are not true projections, the SQL constraint called “PRIMARY KEY” is not the same thing as a relational primary key, etc.


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  3. Hi Yogesh,

    The way for backing up a single table with a single Query is as follows:-

    SELECT * INTO [xxxx] FROM [yyyy]

    1) [xxxx] is the new table for backup
    2) [yyyy] is the existing table from which backup needs to be


  4. Dear Pinal,
    You make SQL Server much simpler than it seems.
    I am a hard core fan of you. I found your blog few years back when I was a Sr. Software Engineer. It helped me a lot, later also- when I was the Sr.System Analyst in my previous company. Now working as the incharge of a division. Still loves to read your blog. You are such a nice guy worth being always being with you.

    The helps you have done for me yet are beyond words.

    I hope once we well meet…

    My heart felt thanks,



  5. Hey Pinal,

    Really you made it all simple clear and precise….many questions /doubts has been resolved after reading articles posted here….Its really a great help !! Thanks a ton for same



  6. hi sir your blog is really helpful…actually i got o job offer by reading ur interview qs n ans. i have a doubt i want to continue my career in sql server. in how much span can i learn sql server and get grip on it


  7. Hi sir i have to know that SQL Server 2005 is DBMS or RDBMS, also need the reason for it.Forward the reply to my mail id.


  8. hello could you please help me on getting :
    COMPONENTS MAKING UP THE SQL SERVER 2008 DBMS i have an assignments on it that’s due on wednsday


  9. sir please tell me how to find functional dependency in any relation,

    is their any algorithm or it purely determine on analysis of table by data by filling it with dummy data.


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    I wish to know a fundamental and details about Clustering, this is very important to me. Can I please get any articles and details about it from you. Please give the details on my mail id.


    Ankesh Kumar


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    Can u provide me some information about inner join script and outer join script in sql?
    Looking forward to your reply.


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    Swetha Jella.


  14. hello good morning sir.
    my name is ranjan and i am studying in bca from ignou. i have rdbms practical exam in my course and i know sql will the same sql work up for rdbms exam too. will all the practical thing will remain the same.


  15. Hi sir,
    Your Posts Regarding SQL Server are awesome. i Have read that matter from many other’s websites. can u include anything else in this article rather than tabular representation and ensuring for Security constrains


  16. Hello Sir,

    I have setup merge replication with pull subscription. when snapshot is aplying i am continously getting an error as:

    The replication agent has not logged a progress message in 10 minutes. This might indicate an unresponsive agent or high system activity. Verify that records are being replicated to the destination and that connections to the Subscriber, Publisher, and Distributor are still active.

    Please help me..


  17. If DBMS – File System, XML, RDBMS – SQL Server, Oracle
    what about
    MS-Access , Foxpro , Excel ? kindly reply in detail
    Also what is difference between database and schemas


  18. Ihave created a database in sql 2005 with this script

    SQL> create database ROCKINGHAM

    the database was created successfuly but i cannot see the database from the explorer window and also i can connect to the dabase but i cannot create table that i want inside the database. plis is anybody be a help plis is my assignment


  19. Hi People,

    I am Sagar, i am planning to change the current job. currenctly i am working as Prod MS SQL DBA, please can you send me some questions and answers realated to prod dba?

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