SQL SERVER – Generic Architecture Image

Just a day ago, while I was surfing wikipedia about SQL Server, I came across this generic architecture image. I found it interesting. Click on image to view it in large size.

SQL Server s SQL SERVER   Generic Architecture Image

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com), Wikipedia – SQL Server

20 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Generic Architecture Image

  1. Hi Pinal,

    It seems like in all the SQL Server DBA interviews they ask can you explain the SQL Server Architecture. Dose that mean they are expecting to explain the above architecture is full i mean each component ??

    Many Thanks,


  2. Hi Pinal,

    Would request you to provide the brief explanation of the above SQL server architecture diagram.

    Thanks & Regards,


  3. Hi Pinal,

    I attended your today’s (Teched) session in Pune, and it was a very nice experience to be there. I learned so many new thing.
    Thanks a lot for all your efforts for the community.

    And I am looking forward to attend your upcoming session in coming future.

    and once more I would like to request you to please write some more about about the above mentioned SQL Server architecture.



  4. Hi Pinal

    i am working as a sql server developer.
    u r blog will helps and give more stuff who are intrested to know about database.

    how funny u see even i dodnt know sql server architecture
    but i am working as a sql server developer

    please give me explanation for the above architecture

    Thanks Pinal thanks for u r blog


  5. For the folks who are interested in the ‘explanation’ of the above diagram, the diagram is straight (the only difference is above is colorful) from Kalen Delaney’s book “inside Microsoft SQL Server 2000” Chapter 3.1. Looks for the complete explanation there.


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