SQL SERVER – 2005 Query Analyzer – Microsoft SQL SERVER Management Studio

Following may be very simple to some and helpful to other type of question. I have seen this in my server log as well as this has been always first question in my Developer Team.

Where is SQL SERVER 2005 Query Analyzer?
SQL SERVER 2005 has combined Query Analyzer and Enterprise Manager into one Microsoft SQL SERVER Management Studio (MSSMS). To see the familiour Query Analyzer Window follow the image below.

QueryEditor SQL SERVER   2005 Query Analyzer   Microsoft SQL SERVER Management Studio

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

45 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – 2005 Query Analyzer – Microsoft SQL SERVER Management Studio

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  2. Hi

    I visisted ur side but i didn’t find Query Analyzer in Sql server 2005 v. so pls. provide me help file with which i can install sql server 2005. in my single system. pls. operate me or send me any information..



  3. I am using SQL Management Studio express and noticed the wierdest thing.

    When i run select statements on the Adventure works database, it gives an error saying that the ‘Invalid Column name’

    On closer look i noticed that because it was case- sensitive it has given me an error.

    But i never heard that SQL is case- sensitive. Im really surprised by what i have found.

    Is there anyway i can correct this..really astonished.


  4. I’m trying to run a query on MSSQL 2005 query analyzer that accesses an MSSQL 2000 database on a linked server.

    Please help


  5. hii
    im a beginer std of sql 2005 enterprise edition
    there is a big difference in writing queries in sql2000 and 2005
    i’ve not learnt 2005 thats y im having query writing problems
    pls help


  6. Im running a query from sql analyzer 2000 against a DB in sql server 2005, however Im getting the following message:

    General network error. Check your network documentation.

    I rechecked running it on sqlserver 2k…work fine.

    Also I tried doing something simple as:

    Select * from [Server1\sql2005].DB.dbo.[table]

    still show me that error….

    Any idea?


  7. Hello
    I always read ur articles ,, n they really help me

    i have a question if u dont mind to post it … it’s about
    windows authentications , administrator , sp_grandlogin
    the book is talk about if we have an account with name (loli)
    and we want this account to access sql server , and the computer name is ( Arena ) , we can use this statement in query analyzer
    EXEC sp_grantlogin ‘ARENA\loli’
    then will apear the message is (Granted login access to ‘ARENA\loli’)
    then it said log out from ur account and sign in loli account , run query analyzer and write the number of computer fron of the sql server name and choose windows authentication
    then press OK
    the result is accessed sql server
    i dont know how i do that
    just maybe some hint needed

    my e-mail is fr_incendiary@yahoo.com
    thanks more :)


  8. hi…

    This is vjayabharathi.i was downloaded Sql srver 2005 express edition after downloading i was instaleed in my personal system but i didn’t find out Query Analyzer to do Sql &T-Sql queries. before installation of Sql server 2005 express edition i was installed DOTNEt Frame work as a support file but i didn’t find out query Analyzer…but i didn’t understand what’s the problem…plz send me some queries ASAP. i need Sql server 2005 Express Edition software r different edition & what is tha support file plz send me details…at the same time plz send how to install….

    thanks & Regards


  9. currently iam connecting sqlserver2005 through windows authentication… how to connect through sqlserver authentication since i dont have my longin & password


  10. krishnappa

    Dear sir

    I am support executive I will be installing 4 and 5 server sql2000 is very easy but same sql2005 some
    problems after installing sql2005
    sql server management studio
    1. window authentication with out problems connecting
    2.sql server authentication error comming

    there was I think name problems
    please give the solution to easy installing way

    when server crased data base getting sespect
    how to get back LDF AND MDF FILE



  11. @krishnappa

    You asked two questions.

    Your First Question:
    You installed SQL Server 2005, and then you logged into SQL Server using Windows Authentication, it went through, No issues. Good.
    But When you used SQL Server Authentication to log in , you received an error.

    Suggestion:instead of saying, you received error, next time you write a question, please mention that error message, so it will be easy for us to identify issue.

    Solution: I am guessing, SQL Server instance is only configured for Windows Authentication but not for SQL Server Authentication,

    From Books Online :
    To change security authentication mode

    1. In SQL Server Management Studio Object Explorer, right-click the server, and then click Properties.
    2. On the Security page, under Server authentication, select Mixed authentication mode, and then click OK.
    3. In the SQL Server Management Studio dialog box, click OK, to acknowledge the need to restart SQL Server

    This will require you to restart your SQL server, make sure you don’t mess up your production.

    Your Second Question:
    After Database Server crashed, you restarted SQL Server, and you see your database is in Suspected Mode, how to bring this database online.

    Solution: My suggestion would be to restore database from recently taken backup.

    Meanwhile you can check these options also,


    ~ IM.


  12. Hello,

    This is gayatri,pleas if dont mind guide me how to learn a new language from internet.i ve done .NET, and want to learn MOSS.And plase tell me how to create a database ,inside that a table in sql server 2005,moreover i dont have Adventure sub folder in sql 2005
    Thanqs and regards



  13. Hello Dave,

    I installed SQL Server 2005 Developer version recently but the query analyzer wasnt there ! what is the exact path to use the query analyzer? or is it just that the SQL Server 2005 Developer version doesnt come with a built in query analyzer..

    I know i could have installed sql 2000 which is easy but the problem is that im having a 64bit OS running on win7…i tried so many versions but nothin worked.

    If the developer version isnt the proper setup please give me a link to download the proper setup, i just need the query analyzer to practise the stmts.

    Thank You


  14. hi!

    i have installed SQL Server 2005 express.This verson hasn’t got Query Analyzer.
    Now i want to work with some tables in my database but i can’t.
    How can i work with my database if i still use SQL server express?
    What can i install to use Query Analyzer?
    Please help me! Thanks very much


  15. i have two questions
    1>does sql server express 2005 work without management studio.


    2> how to attach the adventure work database in windows

    plz answer thank you.



    Id there a way to enter data in a table usint query analyzer in sql 2005?

    Where is analyzer?????
    How do you use it.

    I have a class and the instructor will not tell us how to do anything.


  17. Hello Mr. Dave,

    I recently installed VS 2005 and got SQL Server 2005 along with it.But being new to SQL Server,I tried to understand from help files how to configure and create a new database and found mention of Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer,which either didn’t get installed or are missing.Can you please shed some light on this?


    Anindya Basu


  18. hi

    I visisted ur side but i didn’t find Query Analyzer in Sql server 2005 v. so pls. provide me help file with which i can install sql server 2005. in my single system. pls. operate me or send me any information..



  19. i want to establish a connection with java programming through sql 2005.
    please suggest me how i will establish this connection with the help of an example….


  20. Hi guys,

    I do have an sql script which I am using to update a table in SQL server 2008.I would like to know how I can use a .bat file to do the update automatically. I am using Windows Authentication for the SQL Server.

    Please advise.Thanx


  21. Dear Sir,

    I don’t know about sql2005.

    I want to use this project so please give me quarry and tell me that how i can use this project.

    Thanks & Regard,

    Manoj Kumar


  22. Dear Sir,

    I found an ERROR if i am opening my Query Editor it says corrupt or unreachable.
    Please guide how to resolve it.

    I am using SQL Server 2005 Express.



  23. declare @qwe nvarchar(50)
    declare @qwe1 nvarchar(50)
    set @qwe=’select ”5”’
    set @qwe1=exec(@qwe)
    select 10/@qwe1

    i need to execute a string and store it in variable like above. is it possible in sql server.

    thank you


  24. i have two questions
    1>does sql server express 2005 work without management studio.


    2> how to attach the adventure work database in windows

    plz answer 4 diz


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