We hired Pinal to address some SQL server performance issues. His knowledge and thoroughness on the topic was incredible. While other providers were telling us to spend large sums ($50,000+ usd) on a new server, Pinal was able to get our CPU usage down from 60% average to 10%. He identified many issues and was able to recommend the changes and fixes that we were able to implement in a short period. This was a home run for our company. I would hire Pinal again in a heartbeat.

Testimonials pathuesers
Pat Huesers
CFO at PAM's Auto, St. Cloud, Minnesota

Since working with Pinal over a month ago we have seen major gains in speed with our SQL db. Our customer service reps have even mentioned the increased speeds with our systems. We have been using SQL for around 6 years and really needed someone to teach us how to optimize the system and Pinal did that. Would highly recommend his services because he doesn’t just fix your system he will teach you how to maintain your system for years to come and give you the tools you need to make it happen.

Thanks for the great work Pinal!

Testimonials joshuawinkler
Joshua Winkler
Director of Software Development, Pukka Inc, Ohio

After reading his articles for years I recently had occasion to seek Pinal’s help on a performance problem involving a particular query. I got a response within a few hours, we made an appointment, and in the span of an hour he helped us cut the execution time down to a fraction of what we started with. Punctual, friendly, informative and ultimately worth every penny.

Testimonials chrisoodell
Chris O'Dell
IT Director, Hydrofarm Inc, San Francisco Bay Area, USA

Pinal is the consummate professional and a top expert in his field. Within the first ten minutes of analysis, he spotted configuration issues that immediately improved system performance. By the time our session was done, he had identified the culprits for making our system unbearably sluggish. After implementing his recommendations, our system now runs upwards of 90% faster.

He explained every concept and taught our team how to understand the issues and correct them going forward. He initiated a follow-up to make sure we were satisfied with his services. It feels like no job is too complex for him. Needless to say, I wholeheartedly recommend him.

Testimonials josegonzalez
Jose Gonzalez
Senior Information Systems Architect, Tuality Health Alliance, Oregon, USA

Pinal Dave is a master in his craft. He not only helped us fix our database, he also provided us with a knowledge base that will ensure the success and growth of www.omevo.com. We are forever grateful to him and his commitment to provide his customers with an unsurpassed service. He is one of the few professionals that will provide you with an invaluable session. I thank and commend him for his exceptional services.

Testimonials nawar
Nawar Al Kilany
Founder of Omevo, Switzerland

Pinal helped us checking and solving problems we had in one of our mission critical database servers and we didn’t even have to share a password with him. He guided us through several advanced topics he wanted to check in our DB while patiently giving us a good explanation on every topic. He also shared with us several scripts to help us diagnose and apply performance improvements in the future by ourselves. I strongly recommend his services.

Testimonials Christian-Quirós
Christian Quirós
Information Technology Consultant, San José, Costa Rica

Made the decision to migrate to AWS from self-managed servers. No issues during UAT, and the cutover was smooth. Days later, our SQL Server instance was at 100% CPU & would not go down. We did not deploy any code changes, or made any config changes. In desperation, I reached out to Pinal & arranged a consulting session. Within 20 minutes, Pinal got cpu usage down to 1%, optimised our MSSQL config and taught us a couple of things along the way (he could’ve solved it in less than 10 minutes if we weren’t preoccupied with exchanging pleasantries). I can’t recommend Pinal enough… he’s at the top of his game, client-focused, results-driven and is a gentleman of the highest order. I can now sleep better at night knowing I can engage Pinal’s services any time in the future.

Testimonials jasonwong
Jason Wong
Head of Enterprise Technology, The Executive Centre, Hong Kong

Pinal not only assisted in tuning one of our problem SQL Servers, but also did this in a way which was very educational for me, including sharing all of his diagnostic scripts. I am confident that I now have the tools and good understanding to apply these learnings to other SQL Server systems that are also in desperate need of tuning. Excellent value for money and highly recommended!

Testimonials Niels-Kristensen
Niels Kristensen
Owner - Vidal Software Solutions, Durban Area, South Africa

Pinal Dave is a Powerhouse! When it comes to SQL Server Performance Tuning, there are only a handful of people who are experts at their craft, and Pinal is at the top of the list. Not only is Pinal incredibly smart, he knows how to teach and write about SQL Server and Data Management so that it is easy to understand and more importantly, easy to implement his tips and tactics, so you get the results you want. He is detailed, his writing is succinct, and his tips are actionable. Hire him!

Testimonials James-Murphy
James Murphy
Information Services Consultant, Greater Boston Area

We did Pinal’s server performance evaluation because we were getting frequent deadlocks and poor performance. He quickly helped go through our server settings and helped walk me through several scripts to evaluate our server performance. In most places we had everything correct, but where the issues started to show was once we got to the index evaluation scripts. It became apparent that our ERP and in-house developed tables were lacking several necessary indexes to function properly. Pinal was excellent in training me on index design, including many gotchas you wouldn’t normally understand from online tutorials. He then provided scripts and a process to continue evaluating and fixing the indexes over time. We saw a marked improvement immediately after performing some of the index changes. And Pinal has a teaching method that is entertaining and focused on helping you remember all this stuff being covered. It really helps when it’s YOUR data you are working with, as well. Pinal was funny and friendly, and we felt we got great results in a very short timeframe. I highly recommend his service for anyone struggling with server performance.

Testimonials michellebeutler
Michelle Beutler
IT/Web/Customer Care at G.A. Murdock, Madison, South Dakota

I’m a novice dba but with 20 years programming experience. It was a pleasure working with Pinal Dave, he steered me away from advanced areas where I could get myself into trouble. He helped estabish a baseline of best practices in a few short hours. Now the burden is upon me to dig deeper. He was helpful explaining complex system in a patient, calm manner and I knew he could be trusted. He saved me hours of frustration pointing out that things I had read on the internet, although once true that are no longer are useful for the newer versions of Sql Server. The scripts he shared look simple but achieve great results for your database and came from years of hard won effort and testing on his part and from others , I’m sure. He help me breathe new life into a tired database. Is it perfect, no, are all my scripts clean, no, but he pointed me in the right direction and now I have the great satisfaction of improving the performance of my system and avoiding serious mistakes. Thanks again.

Testimonials anthony-weston
Anthony Weston
MS SQL Database Developer/Administrator, Implant Direct Sybron Administration, California, USA