SQL SERVER 2016 – DBCC Command Enhancement with MAXDOP

When you want to be successful, you need to run alone and fast. But if you want to run longer, you want to run together. I have personally seen multiple instances where this statement holds true to every word. When working with customers and in various consulting engagements, I have seen it is not enough to just solve the problem. It is important to enable the team working on the project and make them aware of the reasons why it did happen in the first place. I always felt the art of working together will take us a long way. Even in performance engagements, I try to get the team involved as I go through the process of solving their problems. Let us learn in this blog post DBCC Command Enhancement with MAXDOP.

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Interview Question of the Week #061 – How to Retrieve SQL Server Configuration?

I have observed this question in the interview question few days ago. I had a fun time to see candidates failing to answer this question. The most common answer candidate gave us was that they will right click on the server and see the properties. Well, that option will not give all the details which actual question intended. Let us see the question:

Question: What is the best way to see all the options set for your SQL Server programmatically?


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SQL SERVER – SP_CONFIGURE – Displays or Changes Global Configuration Settings

It is very good to know our server and its feature which are available for configurations. SQL Server always has many features which can be enabled or disabled. One should at least know what are the options SQL Server provides. This blog post we will learn how to display or change global configuration settings.

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